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Dudefish! This is the one and only coongirl, Bandit Tanukionnanoko, reporting in with recent developments in her fanfiction "life"! Read on, McDuff...

*Well, nobody showed *any* Bandit spirit whatsoever in regard to my request for email ideas/support/help about my idea for a new column, so I guess that idea will be going on the scrap heap for the time being. *depressed sigh* Where is the love? Where *is* the love? *shakes head sadly* Anyway, ironically enough, I will be carrying out my subsequent threat of delaying "The Double Fortress" even more...but not because none of my fans love me anymore. -_-* Just because it turns out I'm really busy in school this year, and between homework, friends (yes I do have them in real life), and applying for college and the National Merit Scholarship, fanfiction is going to be pushed to the back burner for a while. I am, however, considering publishing the first few installments of my sushi western (like a spaghetti western, only the Japanese equivalent) entitled "Lonesome Digi". If you have a kind bone in your body, please email me and inform me of your interest! It's got Taiora!! (Am I sad or what? -_-*)

I'm finally back from Europe...yeesh, that was seven weeks of half megafun and half ludicrous boredom...but I went up the Eiffel Tower! ^_^ And I saw Digimon in Italian and Dutch! Woohoo! ...didn't understand much, though. Definitely not quadrilingual. @[email protected]

"Project: Moment" is finally done! I'm working on the sequel; three chapters or so are done already as of this update, but I'm going to wait until it's done before I start posting it. The plot is kind of complicated, and I want to make sure it all fits together before I put it under the public eye.

Well, I finished posting Sweethearts, Soybeans, and Solitaire; anyone who's not seen it yet might want to go give it a look! It's one of my "Takari Classics"...oh, and speaking of "Takari classics", scroll on down, because...

The Fic of the Day is...

"Loving Kari"
I'm not a big songfic person; I think often the lyrics detract from the story instead of adding to it. But I do have two songfics up on this account that I couldn't resist writing, and one of them is "Loving Kari", a sweet-but-sad oneshot based on ideas I got while listening to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. If you're in the mood for angst, give this one a go. ^_^