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Name: Rosalee Knight.
Age: 18 and three quarters.
Story themes:
Romance, supernatural (mostly vampires and werewolves), magic and sometimes manga based, but I'm not without my stories that consist purely of humans :)
Loves: READING + WRITING!! ...I also take an active interest in daydreaming ;) and seriously recommend it to anyone.
Common character theme: dark, tall, sexy and extremely additive... and just a little bit evil ;)

Hellooo peeps,

Ok, don't really know what to write for these things. I should probably start with my name, but I won't let you suffer the knowledge of my real name. It's pretty boring. Let's just call me Rosalee Knight. Not the most imaginative name, at first I wanted to call myself Farah Wayland. Because when you say that really fast it sounds like 'Far away land' but a few of my friends said that it wasn't exactly a name somebody could take seriously. Especially when my stories were nothing like fairy tales. So I stuck with Rosalee Knight, or I'd have to face the wrath of a very pushy friend. You know who you are, and I promise to give you back those books soon... just after I've read them a couple more times because they're AWESOME :D

Anyway, I've been writing stories since I was pretty young, most of which were just endless stories and daydreams that were either extremely over the top or just plain ridiculous. But you've got to start somewhere right ;)Within the past couple years, I've started writing more seriously. Not serious as in deadpan, god no. I couldn't live without sarcasm, or those ridiculous icebreakers that make everyone stare at you like a moron. I love those moments.

Right, just to add I do put my whole heart into them, and almost all of free time too. I've spent so many..perhaps too many hours of my childhood and soo many hours where I'm supposed to be revising, writing. I hope that you can enjoy them as I have done, because falling into the world of your own imagination is probably the only way I can live. So I hope you guys can enjoy the worlds I create, just as I have done.

So now that I've found this site, I'm going to give it try and see what you guys think. I wouldn't mind becoming an author, so I'd really appreciate the reviews ;) it really does help.
Thanks already to those that have already reviewed my story Assassin Academy so far too!! You can't imagine how happy I was!! XD

Thanks for reading this. I've probably rambled a bit, but that's just me. I tend to be seriously random, or so I've been told... I've been told I blank out people too, but I can't comment on that because I've never witnessed myself doing it yet..which probably isn't a good thing

And Finally, I'd like to introduce you guys to one of my friends Lydia Martin, awesome POET!! ..and storyteller, obviously ;) SERIOUSLY, CHECK HER OUT!! (I may have been threatened to do this. Can you tell?.. i'm shaking..) she's crazy people, CRAZY!! but that's why I'm friend's with her I guess haha. No, but seriously, her poems are truly inspiring and always give you something to think about, and always leave me thinking, how does she come up with this stuff? It's pure genius.

OH and I'm sorry if there are some grammar and spelling mistakes! Some of these stories haven't been fixed yet, and are more like first drafts

Thanks again,

x) bye!! x)

THANKS for the reviews guys it really helps to keep me going with these stories ;)

I've been coming up on a blank with Assassin Academy for some reason, it's not that i don't know where the stories going because i have a plan ;) its just the leading up to the plot thats tricky right now, there's a lot of things i have to figure out for each character, such as Kayla's past, Damians past, Ollie and the others and the whole Valerius problem too. Its a bit muddled right now, but i'm working through it :) Hopefully i'll get it updated soon. Thanks again for support !!

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