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After a year and a half of posting my work at, I have decided to discontinue use of their site. I will no longer update any more of my fiction here.

used to be a place that we all could call home. But lately, they've gotten absolutely ridiculous. I'm not talking about the NC-17 ban, although I thought that was also insane and even wrote a petition protesting the ban. I'm talking about their ham-fisted selective removal of stories, of which not only I seem to continue to be victim of, but members of my fan fiction family as well.

It is common knowledge that certain fan fiction communites - such as Subreality, Left Turn at Westchester, and so on - have axes to grind with me for reasons that I fell asleep and stopped caring about ages ago. So now that the mud-slinging and the flame wars are over, they've decided to resort to string-pulling in 2003. I find it amazing that, in a category with close to 4,200 stories, mine keep getting targeted to be removed while writers lower their NC-17 fics to R and don't get touched. The people at are deleting my stories, but can't seem to tell me why. I will not continue to patronize a site where the administrators 1) are led around by their balls by so-called "elite" fan fiction writers and 2) don't have the courage to say, "We don't like you because _ doesn't like you; get off our site." No offense to anyone, but I'm very tired of it.

So I have taken down all of my work here. I will continue to write - in fact, "Daddy's Girl" will probably be updated by the end next week, with "Xavier's Orphanage" being updated by the end of the month. I am also working on four brand-new stories:

- "The Measure of a Man, (NC-17)" which is placed after "The Hammock" but before "Daddy's Girl," (this will probably be done at the end of the month as well)
- "Half Crazy, (NC-17)" a delicious little Piece O' Ro/Lo Smut (read the teaser here!)
- "Everything You've Done Wrong (PG-13)," a Gambit/Storm fic taking place at the time when Storm was reduced to a teenager's body
- "1984, (PG-13)" a movieverse fic set in - what other time? - 1984.

For about seven months, I have kept an interactive mailing list that allows me to inform readers of my work whenever I have updated a story. You can sign up at http://. Registration is free. You can also find all of my work there, and until my site goes up, all of my updates will be posted there. It is also a message board with dicussion from comics to the new X-Movie to fan fiction and everything else you can think of.

I apologize profusely for this decision. I credit for being extremely convenient in terms of being able to find your favorite writers. (I mean, who the hell wants to have to go to 30 different sites?) But I feel like these people are pulling my tongue straight out of my mouth, and I can't tolerate that. I can't tolerate censorship, especially when it's being maqueraded as some sort of "protection for the children." I don't have children. I don't give a damn what your kids read.

But now I'm rambling. I hope to see you there. I try my best to keep in touch with my "public" (gah!) as best as I can, and without, that's going to be rather hard. But again, I just don't see how I'm going to be able to tell my stories without the DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD police saying, "You can't have that! That's BAD! No story for you!" I think signing up for my mailing list would be the easiest way. Oh yeah - my live journal can be found at /users/stormfreak.

I'm sincerely grateful for every review I've received, every person whose read my stories and all of you.