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Just so everyone knows incase you don't get this from my profile, i am an Otaku.

Namae (Name): Miki. Most my friends call me Wilson for some reason.

Jendaa (Gender): Shoujou (Female)

Jin (Nationality): Oosutoraria (Australian)

Sai (Age): 9836 goin on 9835 (get it? its goin backwards! haha! ...yea...)

Suki (likes): Anime, Manga, Naruto-kun!, One piece, Talking like Gol D. Rodger off One Piece, Rangas, karaoke, The Rondo series by Emily Rodda, Kingdom hearts, Train Heartnet off Black Cat, Deltora Quest, the Anime for Deltora Quest, BLEACH!!, basically anything japanese.

Kirei (Dislikes): those damn dirty apes!

Things that piss me off: National Treasure, National Treasure 2, people who write ppl instead of people, people who take too long in phone booths, people who don't put the milk in the fridge when they use it so it goes all warm and off, people who hate japanese stuff, clowns shudder, animals in captivity and those damn dirty apes. have i already said that? oh well...

Shimasu (Hobbies): Suiei (swimming) anime o mitte (watching anime) sutoori o kaite (writing stories) sakkaa (soccer)

Kazoku (Family):I don't have a family other than my self-proclaimed twin sister, she goes by the name of Chloe. I forget what her profile name on this website is though... Oh well. she never writes any storys anyway.

Tomodachi (friends): All my friends are weird.

Chloe - My Twin

Matt - My BF

Corey - My Ranga

Ed - My Bitch

Tarpey - My personal punching bag

Lucy - My lovely British Friend (we all have tea parties with her )

Liz - The person who laughs at my jokes when no-one else does

Suki na utau (Fav song): I know most people only go to 3 but i like to be different 1: Kimi no machi made, 2: After Dark, 3: Rewrite, All by Asian Kung-fu Generation, 4: Shinkokyuu by Super Beaver.

Suki na anime kyarakutaa (Fav anime characters): Sora (Off Kingdom Hearts), Uzumaki Naruto, Kurosaki Ichigo, Edward Elric, Dark Mousy, Haru Glory and Luffy!! i loooove Luffy!! he's sooooo cute!! XDDD...yea...

Suki na iro (Fav Colour): Kiiroi!! (yellow) Because it's the brightest and happiest!!

Randomness: I'm working on something amazing!! and when i finally get it up, i'll take down this randomness not.

More Randomness: I'm also writing another story but it's a fanfic, it's not fiction. It's called The Six Warriors and it's on Fanfiction.net. please check it out.

Hmmm, what else can i say... um...


...Sorry, Anyways that's me. Otaku Miki.

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Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,155 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 9/5/2011 - Published: 5/5/2011