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Im Rebecca. I've been writing since fifth grade, and reading just as long. I absolutely LOVE english history and almost always thats all i read about. California for the win :). I get good enough grades considering I spend my class time writing and plotting and wishing I was anywhere else. Im (or at least like to think that im) crazy and fun to be around.I'm really, like REALLY weird at times, and I'm sure I can be annoying too, but my friends put up with me cuz I literally love everyone, even the people who hate on me. Except High school. It hates me and I hate it.

I have no clue what I want to be because I have a lot of areas Im strong in, like I could try writing for a living, being a historian, being a psychiatrist, being a forensic anaylist, being a federal agent, being a writer for a TV show...you get the point haha. But I do know that one day, I'm going to travel the world and all it has to offer, and I'll be happy.

Im 15, and I escape the depressing life of mine in my writing, reading, tv/ movie watching, and my dreaming. A lot of my writing has at least a slight connection to things I go through or my friends go through, and writing is sort of my therapy really.


My main story that ive been writing and revising since i was ten, is Courting Survival. I have loved Tudor history ever since i picked a book out of my teacher's student library that was called, Mary Bloody Mary, and one day in that summer finished reading a different book, probably my tenth in the genre, and just thought to myself, ya know what would be awesome? If I wrote a story this good! So i went to my kitchen, grabbed a notebook and pen, ran back outside and jumped into my hammock and wrote down my idea. In 2011, that notebook turned into a 20 chapter novel that still wasn't finished with only one connection to the original notebook plot. Now, May 5th 2012, that last connection has been severed and it is a completely different story than the one I started out to write that summer day in Fifth grade. This is my current summary for (title soon to be revised) Courting Survival:

The year is 1527 in the English countryside. A simple merchant's daughter, Katherine Manson was never raised to be a courtier. She would have been perfectly content spending the rest of her days locked away with her books. But when righteous Katherine was led astray by a questionable yet begrudgingly handsome stable boy, Katherine uncovers a much more sinister plot surrounding the circumstances of her birth and her family. As the secrets begin to tumble from the skeleton closet, the teen is unable to handle the betrayal and runs away. But a chance encounter that brings her into the companionship of a mysterious ex-soldier also brings the opportunity of a life at the English court, if she will serve but one favor to Sir Thomas Cromwell: spies on “The Great Lady”, Anne Boleyn. As an unlikely friendship blooms between the two ladies, will she still be able to report her friend to Cromwell? Will her mysterious friend’s true intentions reveal their evil basis? Will her family’s tenuous past cause her greatest downfall? And will she be able to accomplish her own reasons for going to court before she gets herself disgraced, or worse yet, murdered?

Another story of mine, the Widower, will have any possible new chapters postponed for i have found a way for it to be sort of a prequel novel to CS, though it would have scenes from two years before, during, a a year or two after CS takes place, in a slightly different location, and not at all involving the court. The characters from CS (Katherine and whoever she ends up choosing as her husband) will be included in the Widower, though will not be main characters and will likely not be mentioned very often until the middle-ending of the story. So i am putting off posting new chapters of it so that they will be posted once i have completed CS, then as it will serve as a prequel, i will commence with the sequel to CS which will, if my master plan works out correctly, involve characters from The Widower.

The rest are mostly short stories or contest stories or merely free writing.


This is the best depiction of the way i visualize my characters from Courting Survival. Each one has a link to a picture that is what that character looks like:

Katherine (either there, here, here, or here. Its all the same person just different photos)






Princess Mary


Jane either there, or here



9/6/11-- voting starts tomorrow for the sept. WCC, please see the WCC section under My Stories to find the voting link. This month, my entry is Seeking Vengeance.

ALSO-- 1st half of chapter 18, Courting Survival is up! In a few days, ill replace it with the full chapter.

9/13/11-- so im having a bit of writer's block for the 2nd half of C.S., if my readers have any suggestions, PLEASE PM ME, i need some help on this guys!!! Also, my story stats are down so the only way i can tell if my readers are out there reading is if you guys review, and theyre all returned!!! So pleaseeeee send me some review love!

5/5/12-- HEY GUYS, haven't been online in a really long time and I'm really sorry D, a lot of drama and nuisance and high school crap. But I'm back, for as long as i can! Im reworking Courting Survival, with plot changes, time setting changes, and name changes. Im trying to create a new working title, new names for Katherine and Edward, as well as Will, Bess, Alice and Jane. Basically every character who I created is being changed a bit. I have a list of names I'm considering, but I NEED MY READER'S INPUT. Message me your ideas and if I like it, I might use it! If i use it, I'll mention you in my authors note and promote you! Plus you'll earn my everlasting love and friendship :) haha bye, love you all!

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