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5/21/2013: Just graduated college recently. Hurrah! Anyway, I just wanted to give anyone who reads this an update. I will probably not update Breeding Center anymore, or at least not for a long while. I'm working on another story. It's also off-world, but I'm trying to do more world building this time around. I'm going to be putting a lot more effort into this one because I hope to get it published in the future, so my free time will be mainly spent doing that. Just figured I'd be honest with all of you. Thank you for reading Breeding Center if you have.

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Close Protection: It's under my favorites. This story is really enjoyable to read. It's sexy, suspenseful, and has real character development and growth. You will love the characters and the plot!

Check out my favorites. I'm pretty picky on what I put on there, so if you enjoy the type of stories I do then you will be really pleased. If not, well at least I gave you a suggestion.

Likes: Stories that include psychology involving the characters. A rare treat, but I really like that. Stories that you can tell had thought put into them. They don't bounce from one place to the other with the character doing a 180 every other chapter. Weird and unusual things.

Dislikes: Stories that have obviously not been proof read. Some mistakes are understandable, but a lot of mistakes get annoying and distracting. Stories that have sad endings. I'm a sucker for happy endings and that is what I want to read.

I'm mainly a reviewer. I try to be helpful and constructive when I give them because that is what I would like. Also, how can you expect an author to get better if you don't nicely tell them what bothers you about their story? They aren't mind readers. I also like the authors of the stories I really like to KNOW I really like them. They did a super good job and I want to inflate their ego so they'll write more. Just joking...but not really.:)

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