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Hello! KM Rune Here and thank you for taking a interest in my writing.

A bit about me:

Some of the things I like to do is read, art, write and take pictures.

One fact about me is I can't sit still. Movies, listen to someone speak, video games; I've actually timed it before and I only last 5 seconds.

I love to read and will read just about anything. But I'm a firm believer that there is a different between telling a story and drawing the reader in and making them feel the story. This is what makes a outstanding story. But also putting real life into the story as well.

I work as a Photographer and I am pushing towards a published writer.

Some Anime I like are: Outlaw Star. Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing are my top three.

I'm more into older movies. Action is fine but I loved the movies I grew up on. Tv shows... well I don't really watch tv. I did when I was younger but now I fine it annoying. The Adventures of Sinbad was a favorite.

Other work I've done you can find on Fanfiction:

Sailor Moon. Rei/Minako pariing

Arranged Marriage= The Princess of Mars and Venus are entered into an arrange marriage between their planets. Wishing to escape their fate they flee to the Moon Kingdom. On the streets a chance meeting turns into friendship with the potential for more. Soon though they're ripped apart by their families. Later they are summoned to fulfill their duty as Senshi. Sparks will fly and hearts will break.

The Notebook= I snapped my head around and saw her holding a leather bound notebook in her hands with the insignia of Mars and Venus intertwined and a name printed in perfect calligraphy on the front cover above my own.

Warehouse 13

Another Way=Three months have pasted since she last saw Helena being taken away by hand cuffs. Now Warehouse 13 is asking the unbelievable of her. AU Season 3

Thanks for reading.


KM Rune

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