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Hi, I am Luna Ice.

09.12.10. Today I joined.

As you can probably guess, I love the Moon and Ice. I also like stars and lightning.

27.06.12. The covers for my stories are copyrighted to me and use of them will result in me trying to hunt you down so I can sue you. Don't think that I won't because those are not empty words. If you find anyone using my photographs then please alert me.

I use IceMaidenOfLegend as my Fanfiction account and Lightning Luna Ice on Animeleague so please do not report those users for use of those images. I will also list the user names of people who have permission to use my photographs.

12.01.13. IMPORTANT

This is the most likely the most important message that will ever grace this profile.

In Zhōnghuá Mínguó (Taiwan) there is an ancient language called Kanakanavu. There are only ten speakers of this language remaining. The language is of vital importance. Four thousand years ago it spread across the globe. It is connected to the origins of languages from Easter Island to Africa's island of Madagascar. Taiwanese aboriginals who travel to New Zealand are surprised by the close connection between their mother tongues and Maori.

I ask you to please spare a moment of your time. I know that asking you to learn the language is too great a request. Instead I ask you to appreciate what will be lost and perhaps even look it up. The history of this language is a treasure that cannot be priced.

Thank you for your attention.


While this account will not be terminated it will no longer be in use. My original works will henceforth be posted on my Tumblr account, TheAtelierofDreams. Thank you for your support through the years.

My Work

From this point on I will be concentrating on a certain type of story. It's what I write best and it follows in the style of my pieces Far Above the Mountains High and That Which Cannot Be. In terms of clarity, grammar and plot this style is what I am best at. I hope to follow in the footsteps of the author CANG YUE. She worked on her control, going from tens of thousands of words to hundreds of thousands of words. I too will attempt this method. In time, I hope, I can extend this control to many styles and longer tales - perhaps even to poetry.

What makes poetry poetry? I wish I knew...

Regardless, I will be posting a chapter story. Each chapter will be a different story. I hope that when the time comes you will have a quick look. The title will be The Wordless White Journal. I've given it that name as, each time I write the story it be on the uploaded document, which will be made blank each time I begin writing a new tale. It also means that none of the stories will have a back-up so if anything should happen then they will be lost forever.
However, that being said, I don't suppose that it matters to anyone else.

Nouveau Collection

I. 다이아몬드 더스트

Achille, Alphonsine et un paysan.

Le prince, princesse et un paysan en amour. L'histoire de deux femmes. Un conte des temps passés.


It's come to my attention that a few of you state you want the story you're publishing here to be published by a company as a book. However, I would like to request that you listen to my reasoning of why not to with an open mind - ignore me all however much you please but I would like to make my opinion known. Some people will have read the book for free and others will have to pay for it which is utterly unfair - especially as, this moment in time, we are in a recession and people don't have the money to spend on something they could enjoy for free (free if you exclude electrical bills). Another is that if you delete the story and and then have it properly published there will have been people half-way through and that will still be unfair to your readers and can be taken as a sign that you view profits over your loyal readers. (I personally don't feel that way unless given incentive to but it's a valid conclusion that some people may reach)

If, like, -insert username-, that is your plan, please understand how unfair it can be to those with a lesser income (especially in a plummeting / failing economical climate). Please do not publish something here for free and expect people to be pleased about having to pay for it. I say this as I have had a book published but I don't upload the entire story for free and then expect people to buy it. If anything, I write with my characters an entirely new story. Consider that like fanfiction, but by the author his/herself.

No matter what you do, it's unfair to the readers who actually pay without knowing they can access it for free.

As for my own book. I recognise that it is a failure. I see how I have failed in areas such as grammar, spelling, tenses, making a point in a clear, concise way. I know that I have failed with the publishing company and the printing choice. I realise that it is over-priced due to the printing choice. I rushed the book as I wanted to ensure I had published a novel before I became sixteen.

It is called Dusk.

It will one day be re-published in its entirety as the trilogy it is meant to be.

Feel free to flame message me for the lack of quality of my novel. I am not ashamed of my past and I do learn from my mistakes.

I apologise if my message has offended you.

Ice The story of goodbye and the reason behind it.

May / may not become a chapter story.

Souls of SuspicionA Chapter Story -

Chapter 2 - Tala 1.

"Why don't you go outside? You could play with the other children?" "No, the're stupid and chlidish. A waste of my time..." "... How silly of me, good day."

But what I really want, what I want right now... Where are you? I miss you...


In English, Wheels of Dawn, based off the FictionJunction YUUKA song. It's romaji title is Akatsuki no Kuruma and it was featured in Gundam Seed. This serves as a representation of the song and of some current events.

May / may not become a full chapter story published here.

Immortalis Terminus : A Chapter Story -

It is the end of a majestic, yet tragically short dynasty. The rule is being passed from the knowledgeable elders to twins.

One a Prince who heralds the start of great promise. One a Princess who lives by freedom and her will.

Neither of the two know exactly know the world they themselves live within. They know not the dangers, or the politics. However, their bloodline is special, and many seek to turn what they do not know against them.

Guardian : A Mini-series (Upcoming {English}) -

It was an undercover operation that took place without sufficient information and spread decay over the world. In the chaos of the broken world are sisters whose lives are at stake.

Haneul is wise and fearsome. Iseul is weak and blind.

Through the tragedy and the endless chaos they find themselves lost and without a choice. The toxins in the air are spreading as well as other consequences of the laboratory's demise. The world has become a place for the powerful and survival is impossible without allies which is exactly what they have not.

La Petite Sirène : (Venir bientôt {français})

La mer est grande. Beaucoup y vivre en paix. Tout change d'un jour. Une petite sirène est leur dernier espoir. La prophétie est de l'avenir lointain. Ils attendent de l'enfant.

Elle est précieuse.


All life ends but only the weak need fear theirs - Me.

The truth can bring sorrow, but not so much as a lie told well - Me.

Dear Readers

I fully intend to complete every incomplete story that I have. However, my reason for creating this is not to give reassurances. My FictionPress account is undergoing a large change. I am concentrating my efforts on my French and Spanish stories. I am learning French in school and I haven't taken any lessons in Spanish so the quality is never going to be guaranteed. I promise that I will never 'give up' on English. I will always write English stories, and though there may not always be an on-going one, I will keep typing and posting in English.

Thank you for your attention.

I do apologise. I believe that I mentioned something of Horror High - which this is most definitely not –and that will have to wait until another time. I have entered into a dispute with my publishing company because they are selling my book at £12.95 and $19; which is too expensive. Not many will be able to buy it and I will make a loss. The only way that I can gain profits is by publishing a novel of short stories (by printer) and hopefully making enough on that. For the moment I will have to publish mainly one-shots as I don't have the time to look over previous chapters of chapter stories to ensure that I haven't made an error.

Dear Readers

I had begun the story A Part. I will complete the story. The story itself is rather short. I won't drag the chapters on, however, I have been delayed with my updates. I have recently begun a blog, Ancient Sword Legends. I do hope that you will have a look. Once I have completed A Part I will gladly move onto the three chapter story Guardian. I suppose that you can tell how excited I am for Guardian. There are various side-stories that I have planned, such as Poison, Day and Night and... I could swear I started one but now I can't locate the document. *sigh* Oh well! I also have an upcoming collection of stories! The collection is called 'Nouveau Collection'. The stories will be in French; like half of my blog is in French! Go check out my blog! Haha, no, I'm just kidding. Please don't. My French is really bad...

Note of My Words

[Word Choice]

To those of you who wish to tell me that the first chapter of a story is meant for setting the premise I hope to use this space to save your time. I am not a fool and I don't appreciate thinking that others see me as one. I understand what the first chapter is 'for'; they teach that to five to year olds. As the standard age for joining websites is thirteen or twelve, and I assume this website is no different, I don't appreciate people telling me that. I won't claim to possess the best memory but even I am not that foolish.

I write stories or tales. Take a good look at those two words please. Stories and tales; not fan service. I will do what I will. I will write what I will. I will write how I will.

No one will tell me that I am right or wrong because I tell stories and tales whether people read them or not.


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