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Name's Hunmimeter. The "mime" is silent.
There, just a few lines in, and that's already a clever little joke.
Anyway, call me Darks.



5'6 and around 126lbs

Riding a Chocobo around the Sinnoh region.

My passions:
Writing, playing guitar, singing, drawing, laughing, my friends, laughing with my friends, ahaha, Nintendo, Pokemon... Actually, everything, every little beauty in the world means something to me.

My music:
Thriving Ivory, John Mayer, U2, Kyle Andrews, Howie Day, Jack's Mannequin, Lifehouse, Simon Spire (Look him up), Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice, Mat Kearney, Jason Mraz, Matchbox Twenty, Maroon 5, Daughtry, Colbie Caillat, Eve 6, Mike Posner

A Couple Good Reads:
Searching For Alaska, A Separate Peace, Harry Potter, Cirque Du Freak, DragonLance Chronicles, Anything from Stephen King, Spyware, Series of Unfortunate Events

Here's a little more:
-I'm Daoist, and respect all things, including your religion, but I don't have time for it, so please don't push it on me.
-I have an insane acceptance complex, it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you respect me, I'll love you for it.
-I'm an idealist, and I think Lloyd Irving brought that out of me.
-I can be a right-wing jerk sometimes.
-I'm pretty arrogant and obnoxious.
--I'm usually very insulting. I don't mean to be, and it's almost never in bad spirit. Unless I don't like you.
-I despise Twilight with all my heart, and yes, I read all four books and they were all dumb.
-I wear shorts and an oversized t-shirt as much as possible.
-I say "meow" instead of now in conversation, and instead of people I say "folks" or "cool katz"
--If you got that joke right away, I love you.
-I'm a self-proclaimed professional Ascii artist.
--When I draw, it's almost always Chibi.
-I drink Jones Soda, and only eat candy if it's sour.
-I play my git-tar with Jim Dunlop's Big Stubby picks.
-I have never used the phrase "Gamer girl" to describe myself. I play a lot of video games, yes, but I don't like the phrase.
-I'm the middle child, my older brother's name is Brian; I had a little sister, Alicia Marie, but she passed away six years ago.
-I really hate how fake I can be. It's really obvious and I don't do much to hide it. For some reason I cannot stop being a different person. This doesn't make me a terrible person, or a liar.
-No, I don't find it weird for a girl to be attracted to a video game character. Guys are attracted to them, and entire games have been based around the sexual allure of female characters.
--No, this doesn't bother me, but I do believe it gives me the right to keep the posters of Kratos Aurion and Link in my room. They're smexxi. Any "gamer girl" will tell you so.
--I'm a huge Kratos Aurion and Vincent Valentine fangirl.

Here's a couple of things I...hate:
-Over-opinionated people who think too highly of themselves and look down on everyone else.
-People who play CoD online, especially those annoying-brainless girls.
-Girls that get super-offended by "bro jokes." Who cares? I even crack a few myself.
--The other day I was playing Pokemon and I realized that every time you come home, your mom is waiting for you in the kitchen. So chill. Haha, I love that one!
-People who, especially girls, I've noticed, who thoroughly believe that reading books makes them "Freaks" and they seem to cling to that factor. You're not a freak. You're a human being.
--Stop acknowledging yourself that way. It's not positive.
-People who express opinions about things you reeeeeally just don't give two shits about.
-Folks who treat stereotypes as if they're the end of the world. Uh-uh. Everyone stereotypes, especially people they don't know.
-Those damn fools who thoroughly believe everyone in the world should throw themselves at their feet.
-The idea of karma. It mocks me cruelly...

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