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Name: You can call me Andi dearies c:

Age: A random adult age

Sex: I am of the female type c:

About Me: My name is Andi and I'm usually a really quiet person that wants to say so much to the world but doesn't; like the kind of quiet that when we have a conversation in my brain I'm telling you so many things but vocally I'm just sitting there like, "Wow, that's really awesome. I wish I could do something like that." While I'm thinking, "OH MY GOD! I'M SO JEALOUS! CAN I COME NEXT TIME?! LET'S ESTABLISH THAT I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW FROM ALL THIS JEALOUSY! PLEASE LET ME GO WITH YOU! TAKE MEEEEEE!". I'm a third year in college and I'm one semester away from graduating with my AA degree in accounting. I've had a boyfriend for the past year (we celebrate our anniversary on October 11 even though we don't technically have one). To be honest, this guy is pretty damn awesome and I am in absolute, total, complete love with him.

I've had three friends (one of those I harbored an intense crush for four years and there had been no 'end' to my liking him, it's just a tad hard to say you 'have a crush' on someone who has died) pass away in vehicle accidents, so I at times can approach life and the world a tad cynically. I don't believe in watching the news because all they report on is what's wrong with the world. Now most people misunderstand though, they think because I don't watch the news I turn a blind eye to current events. Much to the contrary. I stay caught up with what's going on in this world, I just am able to pay attention with not just what's wrong with life but also read through uplifting articles about things people do good. Funny how those stories never make it on the 5 o'clock news huh?

In order with how fluent I am, I speak English, French, Spanish, and American Sign Language (though I suppose that one's not much of 'speaking'). I'm a freak about lists; I love writing lists, following lists, organizing lists, etc etc. It's a bit of a hobby of mine, including sewing. I enjoy all needlework, whether it's embroidery, making my own clothes, mending, etc etc. The only type I dislike is crocheting. I'm a romance addict, meaning if a story doesn't have at least a side part with a tad bit of romance then I get bored really quickly. I also have a habit of spoilers, whether it's a book, video game, television show, or movie I always work backwards. Meaning when I buy a game or any of the sorts I have to read/watch the last bits of whatever it is. Even if it's a manga; because, in my opinion, the ending is what matters the most. If the ending is undesirable then why waste time on playing/watching/reading? We all know a certain movie or book or game we've played where the game is good but the ending just sucks so much balls that you are left feeling unfulfilled. So to prevent that from happen I always peek at the ending.

I'm learning how to play the ocarina (yes that's really an instrument and not just a Legend of Zelda thing). Most people misunderstand me when they see I have acrylic nails. Even some of my friends mistakenly believe that I "don't want to break a nail" and automatically do the heavy lifting for me (which pisses me off because I'm a grown woman I can handle myself). But to be honest, I don't care if I break a nail (trust me I've done it three times already in the past month), my nail technician repairs broken nails free of charge, so I'll break nails all day everyday and not care. I understand though when girls say they don't want to break a nail, most mistakenly believe it's because they're 'preppy' but let me tell you this BREAKING A NAIL HURTS LIKE A MOFO! Why do I bother with them you ask? Well in my genes I inherited my father's blunt, ugly fingertips so to kind of "cover that up" I get acrylics applied. That and I'm also a nail biter, it's a little tough biting on my nails when they're so thick so if I don't have acrylics on all I have for fingernails are nubs.

I watch all kinds of anime, ranging from "Tokyo Mew Mew", "Madoka Magica", to "Fullmetal Alchemist", and "Welcome to the NHK". I also have seen more obscure titles that aren't so popular such as "The World God Only Knows" and "Oreimo". When it comes to anime/manga, it's much like my music taste. I have no 'preferences' in genres. I watch whatever piques my interest. I've recently started watching "Sword Art Online" and I'm still trying to finish "Fairy Tail". My two favorite bands of all time are The Beatles and Panic at the Disco. While I don't prefer it necessarily, I'm more typically listening to Disney music (and no not like Demi Lovato more like songs from the movies "Lion King" and "Mulan" like the movie songs not the actual Disney kid stars music). 9 times out of 10 I'm with my niece, so my days are always busy running after that little cutie. Between college, babysitting, and life I get overwhelmed easily so when I make my return to writing (in the next two weeks) I'll be kind of shifty with how often I update.

I have another account on, the link is:

Anyways, shoot me a message anytime c: I'm willing to talk.

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