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I have started a new fic... I know... It's crazy! But I wanted to get it out... Well anyways hope you guys enjoy it! Review!!
My other fic Bittersweet, I am having a little trouble writing it, so the other chaps may come out late, so yeah... I will try to finish it though. Once I get rid of the writers block I am having with it!

I have finally updated!!! Chapter 4 of Bittersweet has finally been posted up! I don't think I would be updating much this month. I have exams coming up and I need to start studying! I haven't studied yet and it starts this Friday... So yeah... I will not be updating much on Bittersweet till this month is over.
Well anyways review and hope you like the chapter!! Wish me luck you guys on my exams!!!

YAY!!! I have finally completed a story!!! The last chapter of Prayin and Wishin is up!!! Read and review everyone!!! I am so proud of myself!! My first ever finished fic...

Updated again!!!! chapter 14 is up! check out Prayin and Wishin and read the new chap!!! One more chapter left!!!

Updated once again!!! chapter 13 of Prayin and Wishin is up!!! Read and Review!!!!! I am already working on like the last two chapters of it!!!

Got the other chapter of Prayin and Wishin up!!! It is almost done!! I am soo happy!! I think there are about 2 more chapters left to do... YAY!!!

Hey everyone!!! Got chapter 11 of Prayin and Wishin... read it!!!

Hey minna-san!!! I have updated once again!!! Prayin and Wishin's 10th chapter is up!!! I am actually surprised that I have updated this fic again and so quickly... well anyways i beleive that this fic is coming almost to its end... I wonder if I can actually pull it off and have Serena end up with Heero...

Hello people!!! Okay... I have updated my fic Normal Life. But it isn't a chapter. It is a note... A note that sadly makes tears pour from my eyes (okay maybe i exagerated a bit there). Read the little note i have placed up in the fic and you would know what i am talking about.. Well anyways expect another update on Prayin and Wishin next week. I seriously need that fic to be finished and over with.

Hello again!!! It's been ten days and now I have UPDATED!!! I have updated the fic Prayin and Wishin chapter 9 is up!!! So go read and review!!

Hello everyone!!! Yeah... I have updated some stuff again. I am actually quiet surprised that I have written and finihsed some chapters and updated multiple fics. That is quite an accomplishment for me.

Stories updated for the current day are: Prayin' and Wishin' chapter 8 is up. Lastly, Bittersweet chapter 3 is up.

Hello!!! Um right now I have updated my Normal Life fic. Chapter 2 of the revised version of the story is up!!!

Story Status

Game Over: New Fic
Bittersweet: writers block
Prayin' and Wishin': COMPLETED
Man of the House: contemplating if should continue
Dreams and Realities: writers block

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My name is Sarah and I love anime!!! My favorite is Gundam Wing. My favorite characters is Heero Yuy!! I like Duo Maxwell and Trowa too but Heero is number one...

I don't really have a favorite game. I like Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9 and Kingdom Hearts though. My favorite game character though is Cloud Strife!!! he is just soo totally cool!!! And the reason that I love Kingdom Hearts is because you could see Cloud in good graphics there!!! And its totally amazing!!! I just love it!!!

That's why I write fanfics of anime - mostly GW and SM crossovers - because I love them so much!!! Anime is just soo cool!!! Well anyways yeah... read my fics and review!!!

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