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Codename: Orange

Real-time Location: 4812 N 1537 E

Occupation(s): Victim

Word that describes me (for now): 'inexplicable'

Song that describes me (for now): 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' by Skrillex

Quote that describes me (for now): "I'm just a guy doing things at my own pace" - Boltage McGammar

If I'm going to be honest to myself, the only consistent trait about me is that I like puzzles and anything that requires lateral thinking and problem solving; as a kid, I've curled up to a buttload of puzzles. In the story aspect of writing, I'm more than competent enough to create something unique and adding a spin to things. Give me a plot and I can find ways it can twist; a puzzle and I can churn out a solution; characters and I can write a psychological profile for each of them; archetypes and I can add a refreshing twist to them.

As for writings, I'm more likely than not going to write intellectual papers or essays in regards to events and the psychological profiling of characters. Whether that's deemed acceptable here or not as a fanfic is another matter.