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hey im meghan/mefin you might of heard of me from my really good frineds mini26 and smellynie i have knew mini26 for almost 10years now we are really good friend though thick and thin we are always here for each other. and then here everyone else



nick asbell

asslyia m





max asbell

asslyia j


zack f






luke f




alexis g





alexis r

amanda t

and so you must be woundering what kind of girl i am well i am some

where between punk and goth or eirther i just totally in between guy and tomboy i was the only girl in my family for a couple of years soo didnt you be juding me!! :P i have 4 pets 2 dogs and 2 cats my too dogs are phoebe and zoe. zoes 8 and phoebes 7 months old. my cats are vader and pixie. pixies 3 and vaders well idk.. vaders the only boy out of all of them hahahaha suxs for vader. but hes a luvie dovie kitty-cat. and im 13 years old in the 6th grade like min26 but not in the same class. i am the 2nd tallest out of eveyone of my friends,hannah first, i am 5feet an 6 and half inches. im single. i watch anime. some of my favorites are ranma 1/2, soul eater, fairy tail, shugo chara, dragon ballz Z, and myt favorite out of all of them is fairy tail!! LUCYxNATSU 4 EVER!!like i said DONT JUDE ME SOO QUICKLY!! and i am a cheerleader and im a basketball player one moment you see a cute tall cheerleader next thing you know you see a butt-kickng basketball player. i play for the renegades. i have been playing basketball for about 3 years and cheerleading for about 7 anf 1/2.
also some of my favorite thing

favorite food: pretezl w/ cheese

favorite song: cannibal (by kesha)

favorite songer: kesha

favorite person: cant tell or else there will be some very very mad people comin' for me

favorite color: eirther purple or black

favorite animal: arctic wolf

favorite thing ever: hard to say too many things

favorite disney charater(s): chip'n'dale!!

favorite person to beat up: eirther melynie or jenniffer

favorite thing to do: slap people i know or dont know oh!! and hate!!

favorite basketball team: idk too many cant pick

favorite movie: nightmare before X-mas (most people dont like it but me and kaylee love it!!)

favorite anime: fairy tail

favorite anime movie: inuyasha movie 2-the castle beyond the looking eye(i dont remeber the name real name of it)

favorite thing to do on a saturday: party?hang out with friends

favorite it thing to do durring the summer: party at melynies,then get hungover

favorite thing to do to my cat: wave a spoon and watch her (pixie,not vader) try to get it or eat it.

favorite thing to do to my cat: wave a soooo yupp thats me for ya!! you dont like it well put it in you juice box and SUX IT!! just kidding!! that is one of my backgrounds for my ipod touch. here are others too i just domt feel like typing anymore for all MAXED OTU XP HAHAHA lol well...idk (_)and as i said before DONT YOU JUDGE ME!! OR I WILL COME AND HUNT YOU FREAKIN' DOWN AND KILL YOU!! JUST KIDDING AGAIN!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IM ALWAYS LIKE THIS I DONT KNOW HOW MY FRIENDS CAN STAND ME!! ;)

the watch i anime are:

fairy tail

soul eater

wolf's rain


D.N. angel

ranma 1/2


vampire knight

death note (sometimes)

fruits basket

dragon ball Z

code lyoko

darker then black

here is alot more on my ipod i will upload them when i get a chance tomorrow maybe

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