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Changed my name to my REAL name. I figured it would be best to get my RL tag on some things before I head off to college. I'm still the same guy though, no worries!

I have a web page! ( - I will review books there, give my opinions on various things (nothing political, I promise!) and post updates about Lunar Codex and other works.

Updates: 11/3/11 (old)

Allo! Welcome to my little world. I go by the pseudonym Dexter Paul Corvus (roughly translated to the raven on the right). I write two things, poetry and fantasy. Both are my passions, and both you will find here abundantly!

Stuff! personal opinons, biases, pet peeves, ect. ect.

Alright, #1: Vampires are passé! That being said, if your story is good, your characters complex, and your writing solid, I will read it. That goes for Vamp V. Werewolf as well.

I. Hate. Clichés. With the fiery passion of ten thousand burning suns. I will let you off with a few things, but I swear--by all that is mighty--if you have a Spunky Princess, a Farmboy With a Sword, a Mysterious Prophecy, a Dark Lord Rising, or a Mysterious Old Mentor, I will flame you to the third degree and have no remorse.

The same goes for getting your setting incorrect, e.g using technologies that have no been invented yet, or words that have not taken on the meaning you want them to mean yet. (RANT TIME: alright, question. If your character hears a loud noise, and then describes it as a sonic boom... How Do They Know What A Sonic Boom Is??? Also, if there is no gunpowder, and guns have not been invented yet, why do your characters say 'fire an arrow' when the term 'fire' was invented specifically to apply to guns!)

Other stuff too, but later, I gotta get pizza! ...pfft, who am I kidding, no one's going to read this...

Here's a little about myself:

My name is Mike. I'm a 17 year old American punk who thinks everything is entitled to him, and is mostly likely right about it. I love fantasy, sci-fi, and… well, that's about it, because I don't really venture far outside of my genres. I've been writing since I was 10, but I only became decent at it about two years ago, and I'm still perfecting my craft.

My biggest source of inspiration is Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, which is the series that really kickstarted my unhealthy obsession with fantasy, and also got me into writing. (As you can imagine, my first few stories had some suspicious 'similarities' to the aforementioned books.)

The second biggest source of inspiration for me--and currently my favorite author--is Brandon Sanderson, author of the last three Wheel of Time books (RIP RJ), the Mistborn Trilogy, the amazing Way of Kings, and various other awesome books. He was really the first other fantasy writer I got into after finishing WoT, and has helped shape how I view the genre today. One of my favorite podcasts is Writing Excuses, which is hosted by Brandon, and two other great authors, Dan Wells and Mary Robinette Kowal, as well as Howard Tayler, the creator of the Shlock Mercenary webcomic. Check it out, it's awesome!

Above all things, I'm a Christian. I know that a lot of people don't like Christians, but I'm not here to beat you over the head with my Bible. I like to consider myself an apologist in training, and I'm currently reading the works of C.S Lewis and G.K Chesterton. I won't get all preachy, but I wanted to let everyone know what my views were. It's the least I could do, since if I didn't have Jesus, my life would have no meaning :)

My current story is Lunar Codex, which is a giant sprawling mess of subplots and plot h--err, I meaning, an amazing and very tight fantasy tale about the worlds of Humanity and the worlds of the Fae interacting with each other for the first time in ages. It is probably about 70% done, and once I finish it, I will go on to do Lunar Codex v.2, which is basically a second draft. It will have quite a few changes, but most of the characters will stay the same.

IF* you've managed to read it this far, you're either extremely bored, or a dedicated fan. I want to thank you either way, though less so for the former and more so for the latter. I will try and update once a week (Fridays are my hope), and will maybe update twice if I get a sudden burst of inspiration.

Thanks all, and God bless.

Books you must read!

The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan). The Way of Kings (Brandon Sanderson). The Hobbit (J.R.R Tolkien). The Belgariad (David Eddings). The Mistborn Trilogy (Brandon Sanderson). Elantris (Brandon Sanderson). Warbreaker (Brandon Sanderson). Joust (Mercedes Lackey). The Kingkiller Chronicles (Pat Rothfuss). The Legend of Drizzt (R.A Salvator). I Am Not A Serial Killer (Dan Wells).

Updates on the Lunar Codex

Current Updates are Italicized & Bold

11/3/11: So Lunar Codex is back after a mid-season break. I will (hopefully) continue it this time to the end, which will be soon. Once LC is over, I'll start a new ongoing story, which I hope you all will enjoy ever bit as much ( :) -) ... by the way, that's a smiley face guy with a very manly chin... - D.C

9/13/11: Alright, so school has started again. Expect 1 chapter a week, at the most. I may skip some weeks. Right now, my school takes precedent over my writing, sorry :(

9/8/11: Updates coming eventually. Probably by Friday.

8/23/11: It is official! After the Lunar Codex wraps up, I will be writing a prequel set in the world, 300 years prior, chronicling the events before and leading up to the Second War. It will feature Roras and Kadross heavily.

8/22/11: *Ahem* I said 2 a week before, that was being hopeful. It turns out I'm a good-for-nothing lazy bum, so you'll get one a week and like it! Or two, if I'm maybe feeling inspired that week... But, back to the point... I don't know where I was going with that, never mind. Alright, BYE!

8/13/11: Lunar Codex is coming along fine and dandy. I'm going for a 1000-word-a-chapter quota (or more), so with 2 updates a week (and that is being hopeful) but with 2 updates a week, I should be done in... 10 weeks! Rough estimate...

8/8/11: WOOT! Lunar Codex is back! HEY! So sorry about the super long wait guys, but my Castle of Creativity had been besieged by the combined armies of Writer's Block and Life. But I'm back! And after a valiant defense, I moved forward with a crushing counterattack again--Ok, fine, enough of the metaphors. But what I'm trying to say is, I'm back and updating again.

8/1/11: Yikes... 25 days, that's terrible. I'm sorry guys, life got in the way of Lunar Codex. I will return ASAP, but I have a lot on my plate right now. I will finish Lunar Codex, rest assured, but I might just take the rest of the summer off.

7/5/11: LISTEN UP! I am taking a break from Lunar Codex to pursue another project of mine that will not be going up on FictionPress. LUNAR CODEX WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK. Rest assured, but until then, no update :( sorry!

6/28/11: Alright. So I am trying. I really am, but I keep missing the Thursday. I'll try, I promise, to get it out on schedule, but at the worst you'll be getting one chapter a week. No question. As always, thank you for the reviews, they mean so much to me, and I'm glad you all enjoy the story!

6/10/11: Starting NEXT week, Lunar Codex updates on a Monday/Thursday schedule.

6/8/11: [1] Alright, so I have roughly worked this out. The Lunar Codex: Awakening, will be somewhere from 40k-50k words long. It will be a self contained story, I think, though it may of a sequel depending on how I decide to end it. [2] New chapters of LCA coming either later this week or early next week. Just taking a break to catch up on my sleep and reading. THANKS FOR ALL THE COMMENTS GUYS, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! :) -D.C

Updates on my other works

Current Updates are Italicized & Bold

8/22/11: See above. Lazy bum. Missed my poem this week, but I put out the prologue to a story I'm doing on the side. So that's worth 3 poems, at least. Right? No? Dammit... alright...

8/13/11: I plan on releasing a new poem every friday for the rest of FOREVER!--nah, but at least for the next 4 weeks, as a personal challenge--so, yeah. If you don't like poems, you don't have to ream 'em.

8/8/11: So, I still may reboot Lunar Codex, but I'm going to finish the old story first. I'mma barrel right through them plotholes! But yeah, finish original first, then maybe reboot and patch it up. Then? Who knows!

8/1/11: I'm thinking of rebooting LC, I want to try flesh out the beginning a bit more, and patch some plot holes that I poked in there *cough* um, faewulf *cough*

6/28/11: Alright, so I've begun work on my new story. Here's a teaser for the summary:

"Exiled from his own homeland. Banished to a distant plane by his brother and former love. The renegade hero, Mars, now wanders the wintery wastes alone, hoping to find respite from an unending storm of ice and sorrow..."

6/10/11: (WARNING: Dates subject to change, depending on where LCA takes me) Starting in mid August I may be beginning a totally new story, and limiting Lunar Codex once again to once a week (as it is the story will already be nearing its end). If I do do this, I will lead into this story with a series of related and unrelated short stories, as to set up the world. The first chapter of the actual story would be published the first week of September. As of right now, the title is TBA (to be announced, TBA isn't the title xD). None of this is for certain, but once Lunar Codex ends, I will be either continuing with a sequel (though not necessarily right away), or writing a new, shorter (15-20k words) story. Like I said, this is all subject to change.

Other FictionPress Authors You Should Really Check Out

I know some people actually read my pages, so I figured I could use my powers for good. I have a few friends that I know outside of the internet, who I just wanted to plug their stuff.

First of all, you should check out anything by July Tarrant. She's a friend of mine, and actually introduced me to FictionPress. (

Also, Cwiseman123's work. Again, another friend of mine, he does good stuff--I believe his current work is The Fellowship Rising. (

Check it out. (Oh, and if you're not on here, it's not because I don't think your stories are great, I just didn't want to play favorites with people, so I'm just going to reserve this for people I actually know.)

Hey, if you want some other great authors/stories, check out my favorites list. Everyone on there is top notch!

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