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Hey there people.

My names Jayce... as far as you know anyway.

So I like a lot of different kinds of stories and genres and stuff. Mainly Anime/Manga, fantasy and horror.

So want to hear my life as far as you know.

My dad's Poseidon and I have ultimate control over water. I've earned a brother hood with wolves and they obey me. I'm a demigod. You'll learn more as I get more used to this site.

I love rock and my favorite band and song is Three Days Grace and their song Never to Late.

My soul is the water, it is my esscence. My spirit is the wolf, it is my heart. My birth is leo the leader, for I am a leader.

Oh and here is my fanfiction account


Big news everyone today I was attacked by a monster. I was just in class when my bio teacher assigned me some shoptime. I was annoyed but that's not the problem, when I read the words I got dizzy and the words floated around and caused weird hallucinations, everyone was all wavy and blurry and I just passed out. When I came to I was on a cliff over looking the ocean. There was a beach below me. I looked around to see what happened, from what I could see the woods behind me were really to thick to walk through. I looked towards the sea, I guessed that I could jump into it and swim to my fathers palace, but before I could try from the sea rose the Kraken and roared (could a squid roar) a mighty roar...? Anyway it lashed at me with its giant tentacle and lifted me into the sky and raised me towards its mouth. "No way punk." I concentrated and made the sea into a sinking vortex which swallowed us down ito it. Once down there I summond all the force I could to crush it. I almost made it explode but it somehow pushed the force away and grabbed me and threw me up onto the cliff. It rose up and tried to smash me but I rolled out of the way and it destroyed the cliff and I fell. A giant rock sliced across my shoulder as I fell and left a crushing pain and very long, very deep scratches along my arm. As I fell I willed the ocean into a spear which went through the beast and killed it. I expected to fall harmlessly into the water but as I fell i became shrouded in darkness. I tried to move but couldn't. Suddenly the claustrophobia that all of Poseidons children have kicked in and I started to freak. I still couldn't move and I thought I was gonna die as the pressure closed in. I heard a voice and saw a shadowy figure which whispered "Be prepared Jayce, you've yet to meet your fate." And with that I woke with a start in my bio class. No one seemed to notice that I fell asleep and I wondered if it was just a dream. But I looked at my arm and saw the cuts.

Whats happening?

Hirkono Order

The Hirkono Order is an order of darkness that was created "supposedly" to keep a balance. The people of the Hirkono Order receive their powers of darkness at some point in initiation and their children are just born with the power. The Hirkono Order is part of the Unknown World. This is a term to refer to any person, place, creature or thing that his hidden from human knowledge. This story follows the adventure of Mishuro Monta and his friends. He was very bored with life for he didn't believe it was exciting enough, or really at all. So when he finds out his parents were part of the Hirkono Order he is happier than he has been in years. This has brought him friends, excitment, and powers. However will he regret this excitment in the end. Learning the truth about his parents, his life always being in danger, and making really powerful enemies, for most people is not ideal... what does Mishuro think?


Mishuro Monta- An average, bored 16 year old fed up with how boring everything is. He is my main character and was born into the Hirkono Order. He has great power because of his families history however he must learn to control it.

Ok I'm still mad tired, but I'll get around to finishing this

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