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"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Name: Just call me Sumiko. (If you're from dA and talk to me a lot, I'm sure you already know what to call me by!)

About the name: I fell in love with the Japanese-originated name a few years back and have been using it ever since to refer to myself on the internet. I even used the same name for an OC or two. That's why a lot of my usernames contain the name Sumiko.

Age: Sixteen years old

Gender: Female

Nationality: Filipino

Interests (meaning what I like to do and maybe what I plan to pursue for my future): Drawing, singing, writing, acting (when I do get the chance), gaming, debate (mostly for MUN!), have intelligent discussions, analyze things and people, contemplate various things

Loves and likes: God, family, literature, art, films, games, good products of any of the the four things listed above, things I listed in the interests section, grammar, animals, laughing, funny things, thought-provoking things,

Hates and dislikes: ...I have way too many to list down, really. I'll name some of the more 'light-hearted', ones, though: cockroaches (shudder), heights (though I do love the view, at times), bad grammar, redundancy, Mary Sues/Gary Stus, bitches (I apologize for the colorful term), the stereotype of females (you know, defenseless, in need of protection from a guy, cutesy or super girly, because it's fucking annoying and I don't want to be classified as such).

Some notes about myself: I hate being too girly, even though I like make-up (only for formal occasions and when playing 'dress-up' or something; I don't wear it everyday like other girls out there, save for lip gloss or lip balm because damn, my lips are dry most of the time), shoes, clothes, bags, and dressing myself up. I also hate being told things like, "Close your legs when sitting down because girls don't do that" or "Girls can't hang out with boys if she's the only one because they might do something to her", even though things like this usually come from adults and such. I honestly think I was born with the wrong gender, but I'm definitely not questioning God. On a lighter note, I can also be shallow sometimes, like when I fangirl over my obsessions (series, books, characters, celebrities, and whatnot), but I'm really a rather deep person, even though I might not come off as such when I talk to other people or hang out with friends, or if I meet someone for the first time.

Another thing I feel the need to discuss is my typing style. I have three predominant styles: one, when I'm with my friends in real life; two, when I'm on the internet and interact with the people and my friends there; and three, my 'formal' writing style, the one you see now, which is used for profiles like this and school-related things. Style number one is the kind I use on my Facebook (which I'm not sharing). Style number two is what I use on dA, Smack Jeeves, and MangaBullet. Basically, when I interact with you guys here on FP (and maybe even on, I'll be using style number two. The kinds of smileys I'll use might be like those I've been accustomed to on dA (ex. C, CB, ;A;) or those I use when I talk to real-life friends or the ones on Yahoo!Messenger (ex. :), =))), :O). I just thought I'd inform all of you about this.

Also, please feel free to PM me or contact me on any of the sites listed below!


- My account (which is pretty much dead):

- My deviantArt accounts (main and alternate, respectively): &

- My MangaBullet account:

- My Smack Jeeves account:

News & other updates:

08.18.11: I'm still alive, guys! I just uploaded a little poem I wrote after a last-minute discussion about the possibility of a zombie virus during my Biology SL class the other day. I quite like it, actually. Also, I'm sixteen years old now (have been since the ninth).

05.23.11: I uploaded a new story! Once again, it's a one-shot, but it's much longer than the previous one.

03.17.11: Okay, now I have a story up on my account. It's short and, like the previous poem, it's already on my dA, but I thought it was more than substantial enough to be shared on this site.

01.02.11: I uploaded a little poem of mine. It's rather old (written perhaps in April 2010 for an English project), and I've shared it on my dA already, but I thought I'd post it here, just so that I have something to start with.

12.31.10: Hey, guys! Yes, because this is a profile, I'll be using proper capitalization. Anyway, I finally decided to get an account here at FP. Why? I don't know, really. Perhaps it's because of my love for writing, and the hope that I'll someday be attacked by a rabid plot bunny just begging to have its story written out. I'm also interested in seeing original stories and poems instead of those written for a certain series, for a change of pace. On another note, I'd love to start writing fanfics again but I don't have the motivation, plus I'm really busy right now. Either way, we'll see where this goes from here. Until next time~

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