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-I talk to myself( I mentioned that already didnt I? Oh well.)

-My mind ponders things that most people will never think of in their lifetime.

-Adults read my work and think I cheated

-I don't do homework until about ten minutes before its due

-My brain hurts when I do nothing

-I can lay out on my driveway for hours at night just staring up at the stars, thinking

-According to everyone that knows me, my mind is beyond my age(I'm not nessasarily sure thats a good thing)

-One must see that one refers to thyself as such

-Didn't understand that last line? HAH! Exactly my point.

-I have tripped over a stack of my notebooks before while cleaning my room

-I have tripped over NOTHING before

-My room is filled with books, and music, and drawings, and sketchbooks, and notebooks.

-All of the notebooks in my room are either filled, half filled, or yet to be filled.

-There are almost 1,000 songs on my ipod and I know the lyrics to every single one(I swear, no lie.)

-Uhh...I forget things?

- oh right, I have wayyy to much free time(which I spend writing)

-I get mad at people who use words like 'their', 'there' and 'they're' in the wrong context.