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Hey look! it's not being stupid! Rare.

Anyway, the name is Becca and I'm sixteen and stuff. I love writing and it is my absolute passion. Uh, I'm writing a thingy called The Italian Boy right now and whenever I talk about writing I always get "right" and "write" mixed up. Or my fingers do. I know the difference. My fingers just type the wrong word. Uhm. It's late and I can't think of anything interesting or witty to say, so ... yeah. Whatevs. Maybe I'll be funny tomorrow. Yeah, probably not. GOODNIGHT CLEVELAND! Wait, this isn't Cleveland. GOODNIGHT THE INTERNET! Meh. Better.

So, it's a totally different day, now. I don't even remember when I wrote that... I would just like to let you know that... Uhm... Hi?

Yep, I am so cool. Lawls, cool=major dork. Ooh, let's list some stuff I like!

My Favorites!

Color: Purple

Band: Relient K
then Paramore, and a few others that I can't think of right now

Movie: Shutter Island

Book Series: Harry Potter, Darkest Powers, Hunger Games, Maximum Ride

Harry Potter Book: Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Quote: "Ron, you don't have a wife."

Harry Potter Character: Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter Villain: Bellatrix Lestrange (She is so freaking SEXY)

Hogwarts Professor: Professor McGonnogal

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Type of Food: Italian

Newest Television Obsession: Reborn! (and anime in general right now)

Pie: Chocolate Meringue

Cake: Red Velvet

Weather: Thunder Storms

Terrorist Group: You

Library: The Angelica Library in Rome

Place at Home: My chair (okay, loveseat) in the game room

Browser: Google Chrome

Video Game: Sims (any of the three)

Fruit: Pretty much anything fresh from my Grandma's garden, especially watermelon, peaches, or black berries

Vegetable: cooked spinach

Method of Boring People: Long lists about my favorite stuff

Hair Color (On other people, as in sexy, cute, hot, whatever): Redheads!

Eye Color: deep green

Meow: Cats

Meow: My dog, actually

Brother: Kyle

Sisters: Kelli and Kristen

Mom: Mom

Dad: Dad

Wife: I'm single. And female. And live in Texas. And too young to get married. And living under the roof of two conservative Christians. And am Christian myself, despite my acceptance of other sexualities. And pretty much know who I'm gonna marry (It's a guy). But I am bisexual. I got that going there for me.

TV Show: Fringe

Actor based on Sexiness: Joshua Jackson

Character (female) based on epic sexiness: Olivia Dunham

Character (male) based on epic sexiness: Peter Bishop

Actress based on General Sexiness: Olivia Wilde (mmm)

Way to Spend Class Time: typing random stuff like long lists about my favorite crap

Person: You

Way to end this: *ahem* Awkwardly.

Or not at all. It's actually only one day later, whereas usually I go for months without even looking at my profile. Wanna hear a clean joke? Bob took a bath with bubbles. Wanna hear a dirt joke? Bubbles is the girl next door. I learned that one in elementary school. I was a pervy little kid. That's possibly the only reason I had friends. It all started with me asking what IT was. And you all know what IT I'm talking about. You know, IT? S-E-X? Yeah. That. Lawls. I still remember that day. it's the day everything went downhill. Yay! Why am I talking about this? I'm so weird.


Okay, so I'll probably ramble a little bit. But this is about another story I had an idea for. It'd be a straight couple. I'd call it Top Ten Reasons Not To Fall For Your Band Mate. It'd probably be ten chapters with a prologue and an epilogue. And it'd be... I haven't decided what point of view yet. And I don't know if I should start another story or not with The Italian Boy being so obstinate. I'll play with the idea a little bit. I have an idea for the first few reasons... Hmm. Maybe.

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