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I am Miss Violet,

I write Romance stories, this is my first time publishing my stories, I think they're really bad, but my bestfriends encourage me to show people what I have written.

It isn't my dream to become a writter like many of the people on this site. Instead I want to be able to express myself.



To my amazing followers I am so sorry for not finishing this story, I have no legit reason for not posting apart from family issues. I did finish the story and hoped to publish it. However it seemed the my brother deleted my hard drive due to gaming, so I'm starting from scratch. I may delete this story because I no real passion for it, as well as being written by a 15 year old me. However that wouldn't be fair so I may just do a few more one shots to tie up some loose ends. I have moved onto wattpad (username is MsViolet) so if I post any more stories it will be there or add chapters of secretly loving you.

I have been been a horrible author I am truly sorry hopefully by next week I should have a chapter, however it may be small to post for you.

Thank you !

I love you guys it means so much to me that you actually take time to message.

hey guys so sorry I haven't been on in 4 months. I have had no internet for 3 months and the last month has been hecked been really sick and blah blah.
Anyhoo, I am going to edit Secretly Loving You, so you probably won't be able to read it. Until I adjust it.
Bad Boy will be cancelled. I am so sorry but I have no inspiration for this story. If you love Bad Boy so much, then later on I might continue it. But for now its going to be removed.


Been Updating the First Four Chapter of Secretly Loving You.
And Realsing Part 1 of My journel.

Enjoy Readers


Got Questions to ask about Secretly Loving You?
Don't Understand the Chapter?
Want to Know More about the Characters?
Or Wondering whats going to happen? Just send me a private message or review. :)

and I'll answer you Question.

For all you extreme fans
email me a question or a suggestion at [email protected]

Think You Could Write The Chapter Better Than Me?

In the next few months I'll be holding a competition on who can write the best date scene between Adrian and Yasmine. And With your permission it will be published in one of my chapters.

Keep reviewing and Checking Up on My Profile for more info.

Anyway I Hope all of you have a fantastic day and rest of 2011 with lots of love
Ms Violetxx

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Neely Donovan isn’t interested in the whole popularity ordeal considering that her twin brother was one of the hottest guys that attended their school. But falling for the most popular guyand her bro's best friend was the last thing on her mind.
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