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Hey I'm D.J Wu outta Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm a (CLASSIFIED) year old guy who likes hanging out, art, music, trancing, women, reading, sarcasm, oh yeah and I really like writing. I mostly write poetry and the odd rant/speech for freinds who need them, but I'm currently writing a novel, the name of which is still classified/undecided, I'm only on Ch.3 so it's gonna be a while. I might give previews to some people who ask but so far there's only like 3 people on that list.

Ok so some stuff about me:

Favorite bands/musical artists: The Rolling Stones, (Old) Guns N Roses, AC/DC, Velvet Underground (or as I call them: art injected into your ears), The Doors, The Cult, Izzy Stradlin, James Gang, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, The Beatles, Boston, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Louis Armstrong...Yeah, you get the picture.

Favorite Artists (like paintings and stuff like that): Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Jean Michael Basquiat, Robert Williams, The guy who did that graffitti on the side of the abandoned train station last October, and that one chick I had a crush on in high school (no, seriously, her art kicked ass and won a few awards).

Favorite TV shows: That 70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, (British) Top Gear, Mythbusters, CSI.

Favorite Movies: The Godfather (Parts I and II), Inception, The Man With No Name Trilogy, The Matrix, Casablanca, Anything Noire.

Favorite Authors/Poets: Boris Pasternak, Edgar Allen Poe, Octavio Paz, Karen Traviss, Tom Clancy, Stephen Hunter, Jim Morrison, William Shakesphere, Ian Fleming, And as much as I hate to admidt it: J.K Rowling.

Favorite Pieces of Writing: Romeo and Juliet, Dr. Zhivago, The Harry Potter Series, Bob Lee Swagger Series, James Bond Series, Executive Orders and Rainbow Six, The Godfather, Star Wars Republic Commando series, And last but not least, a book EVERYONE, especially cynics like I can be sometimes needs to read: In My Hands (by Irene Gut Opdyke).

Dislikes: People with crappy attitudes toward everything and like to spread it; People who are old in spirit ("Back in MY day" "The kids these days dont know") and crap like that; philistines; willfully ignorant people; algebra; bigots; arrogant people who belive themselves God (Most of the once great scientific community); Basically closed minded people in general.

Well thats all for now folks, hope you like my writing.

-D.J Wu

Random semi-interesting stuff: Why that's right! I'm not writing as much! (as if anyone gave a flying crap, just look how pretentious I am, thinking people read the crap I write) It seems work, school, and just life in general are conspiring to not let me write too often. But it's summer, so one factor is mostly gone. Maybe it'll get better soon. I certainly hope so, 'cause I have many stories I'm working on.

ALSO: Some of my buddies have this whole crazy independent film production company gig happening, and in a daze of liquor and other things I won't guess on, they hired me help write for them. I will post again with updates and all that jazz (not that anyone cares).

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