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Hi, I'm chiagirl! You might have read some of my stories on before. If you haven't, check out my homepage. Anyway, I'm going to start writing some of my original stories, so I hope you enjoy them. I'll give you descriptions of them below. If you're interested in any of them message me and let me know.

Angels and Elves: A Lunar Elf Princess escapes her castle and ends up meeting an unlikely bunch of wood elfs, sun elves, and humans. Or at least, she thought they were humans. Fantasy / Adventure.

Arcana: 2 Riders, two worlds. One has blood red eyes, the other a mask. But sucked into a world they want no part in, both fighting on opposite sides. A prophecy. There can be no light without shadows. The stronger the shadow, the brighter the light.

Channeler: This story is going to take place in a village that is protected by the spirit of a water dragon. Channelers have the spirit of the water dragon dwelling inside them and are able to use its power. It is their job to protect the village from people who seek to steal their purifying water. I haven't decided on names for the characters yet, but I'll give you descriptions. The main character is going to be a young female channeler. Her parents died in a war and she was taken in by the parents of her friend. Later she also lost this friend to war. The story will take place a few years after the war and revolve around her, another childhood friend, and the antagonist. I can't reveal much else without ruining the story, but I can tell you the ending probably isn't what you'd expect.

Cryomancer: The White Beyond is full of Ice Fiends, winter ghouls able to wield the power of ice and turn humans into their own armies. Cyrian's mother was turned just as he was being born, giving him the snow white hair and ice blue eyes that define the Ice Fiends. He was shunned and hated by everyone but his father, and had numerous threats on his life from an early age. But when his elder brother discovers Cyrian's cryomancer powers it's the last straw, and now he must flee from the only home he has ever known. Unaccepted and with no where to go, can Cyrian free himself from the curse of his birth?

Cyberia: Cyberia is the world's first VRMMO. Upon giving the game a try, our hero meets a mysterious girl named Ren with several secrets. Her father created the game but someone has been tampering with it, so she's on a mission to find out who. She was Cyren, the games' strongest player that quit after a mysterious accident in the grand tournament. And after a backup gone wrong, there's now two of her. And one of them doesn't play nice. Manga/fantasy/adventure

Demonic Princess: Princess Aria is next in line for the demon throne...but she isn't suitable at all. She's kind, honest, and opposed to violence. As such her father has decreed that the strongest demon in the kingdom should marry her...but none of them can defeat her bodyguard/half brother Vice. Vice has been discriminated against his whole life for his half breed status, and just wants to take his sister back to the human world he grew up in.

Desert Flower - A Tale of two Brothers: A world where the assertive rule everything and the quiet are second class citizens. After their father's unexpected death, the brothers are left with the fate of their young country in their hands. The younger is married off for the sake of an alliance, but can the older truely rule effectively without the other?

Dragon Wars: Two kingdoms are at war, the kingdom of dragon riders and the kingdom of dragon hunters. This incident started with an infringement of a treaty preventing dragon hunters from hunting on dragon rider lands. The dragon hunters killed a dragon on dragon rider lands which they claimed was responsible for murdering many dragon hunter citizens. The dragon riders said the dragon hunters did not have the right to do so, and the resulting arguments led to war. This story is going to revolve around a young female dragon hunter. Dragon hunters are given a mark after killing their first dragon, usually a tattoo in the shape of a dragon, sword, or some other weapon. This is a rite of passage for them and is cause for celebration within the village. Dragon riders usually have some mark tying them to their dragon. One eye might be the same as their dragon's, or part of their hair could be the color of their dragon's scales. Dragons can communicate mentally with their rider, but can make their thoughts heard aloud to other dragon riders if necessary. Dragons and their riders must choose each other, and their bond is sealed with their first flight. The most critical aspect to forming a bond, however, is the exchanging of names. Dragons are secretive about their names, and will only reveal them to those they trust. Humans usually give their middle name, as that is the least known.

End of the Story: Valen is a Valkyrie, a watcher charged with guiding the flow of the world. But his brother, Dharc, has always been the gifted one. The one destined to save their people. When Dharc goes missing, Valen sets out to search for him. On his journey he meets an oracle named Chi, and learns this world is not what its inhabitants are made to believe. And maybe his brother really isn't their hero. Nor is he, as Chi seems to insist. In fact, maybe heroes just don't exist. Everything is just a story, after all.

English 101: As per the project design of the class president, students from vastly different backgrounds are to be paired in groups of two for a year long English assignment in order to learn more about each other and hopefully break down some social barriers while they're at it. It's too bad his grand project backfired, and he got paired with the class dropout. He can't afford this if he wants to maintain his Ivy League grades, but the teacher won't let him switch, so he's stuck. But as the school year wears on, the two find that maybe they're not so incompatible after all. In fact, they may have grown closer than anyone has realized... Friendship/Romance

Gain Ground: Makeisha, last of the jungle amazons, is drafted into gain ground, and organization fighting to regain control of their planet. She must leave her adopted mother Sally and her neighbor Leon behind. Her childhood friend Rasha is there, and her new roommate Mary Anne Amy becomes a fast friend as well. But with the survival test looming, can she tame Thunder to catch the wild Sky? And when she's injured by a boy named Ely, how will she get home?

The Girl Who Saw Ghosts: Azlynn is your typical highschooler...except that her best friend, Rex, just happens to be a ghost. Who doesn't even remember how he died. While it may have alienated her from her classmates, she felt obligated to help Rex recover his memories as she was the only human who could see him...or so she thought. When the new boy Carter transfers into her class, things start getting complicated. He's practically her stalker, and she's pretty sure he can see Rex too. But that might not be a good thing. Not all people think ghosts are harmless... Mystery/Drama/Supernatural

Gone Wrong: Most people have a romantic story about how they met their significant other. Not this convenience store cashier. He just wanted some fast cash. But he couldn't get the gas station clerk to leave him alone. Manga/romance/humor.

I am the Maid: After crashing into his new math teacher's luxury car, our protagonist is going to need a job to pay for the damages. Luckily there is an open job that pays well...if you want to be a maid to a rich playboy. Unfortunately, said rich boy will only hire girls. So with the help of his best friend Pamela, our protagonist disguises himself as a girl and lands the job. And it all goes downhill from there. A romantic comedy.

Mistaken Identities: One was royalty that pretended to be a merchant's soon. One was a peasant boy, mistaken for a girl as he had nothing to wear save his sister's hand-me-downs. A friendship was formed. Neither's misconception was corrected. War forced them apart. Years later, fate brings them together again, although neither recognizes the other. The noble refuses to marry, for he is in love with the girl he met all those years ago. When his new servant realizes the girl was him, will he say anything?

Paladin Heal: Erran just wanted to become a paladin and graduate alongside his friend. Corrun threw it all away to become a sorcerer. Sorcery is forbidden, with a punishment of certain death. Erran's out to save his friend. And with the help of a cute girl and a paladin who is nothing like the hero's in the tales, he just might succeed. Manga/fantasy/adventure

Princess Erik: In the kingdom of Sudra only men have been allowed to rule for centuries. So when the last male in the kingdom's line of succession dies during the war, there is a panic about what will happen to the kingdom. Shortly after a young princess (Erik) is born. In order to bring stability to the kingdom, they claim the baby was a boy and they raise her accordingly. This is going to be Erik's story about having to live the life of a prince.

Raised in the Desert: The Namaki desert dwellers don't take kindly to outsiders. But when an orphaned Namaki forced to live on the outskirts discovers a young Empire infant and the two corpses of his parents, he can't very well let him die and pass up the chance for companionship. They grow up as brothers, but one wants something more. And when it's discovered he can use magic and the Empire wants him back, their world as they know it will be changed forever.

Redhead Soldier: A girl disguises herself as a boy to fight for her country. Unfortunately her assigned commander is a cruel jerk. But her determination to prove that she can do this leads to her completing feats that spark his interest, and she finds that she might just be falling in love with him. And maybe him with her. But he still thinks she's a guy. Oh dear...

Rings: Taylor (brown hair, blue eyes) was the school's top parkour athlete with a great best friend, until Sei moved to town and stole them both from her. She left the city, never to compete in parkour again, or so she thought. Until one day finds her stuck in Sei's body, and the only way to fix things is to win the interscholastic parkour tournament. But can she convince everyone that she's actually Sei? Manga/humor.

Risbellion: Risbell never thought she'd get trapped in her video game. Nor did she expect to be depicted as an evil overlord. But at least her servants are hot. Too bad they just might do away with her if they know she has no idea what she's doing. Can she keep the pretense, her servants, and her sanity? Or will she get axed before she finds her way home? Manga/fantasy/adventure.

Shadow Soldier: Shadow soldiers, unknown entities cloaked in black garb, assassins sent to kill and silence. To see one is to die. But when a young country boy finds one injured and dying after an assassination attempt on the towns cruel overlord, he can't help but try to save him. The shadow lives, but remembers nothing, not even how to speak. But it is forbidden for them to be seen, and others are coming to kill them both.

The Sorcerer's Knight: White hair and violet eyes are the marking of a sorcerer. Sorcerers have ruled Kanna for ages, but their number has been ever decreasing. As one of the last sorcerers, Revexen serves Allison, the Sorcerer Queen. However Allison is but a child, and has issued many questionable ordinances, such as allowing Anima (human-animal shapeshifters) into the kingdom, for one. Revexen defies tradition in leaving her service, but when he is called back by one of the very same Anima who served Allison along side him, he starts to see things aren't always as they appear. His kingdom is in trouble, for Allison is far too dangerous.

Vampire Hunter: On orphaned hunter, following in his mothers footsteps. His teacher, a former hunter, working for peace between races. And a vampire, a noble, who is deathly afraid of werewolves. Manga/romance.

Water God: A human crosses into a world of magic, briefly meeting a fire elemental before landing unceremoniously in the middle of the town square. The disciple of the water god is shocked when this stranger is able to break his interrogation magic. Excited by his tale of meeting one of the old gods, a young girl agrees to help him find his way back to his world. Along the way the Water God himself and Noreen get involved, suggesting they search for a place called Paradise. But it isn't exactly as it seems...

White Dragon Ninja: The Mistwaker tribe was a powerful ninja clan, able to harness the power of a dragon. Now the only member left alive is Dante, an apprentice ninja who has to figure out his clan's secret skills all on his own. At least he won't have to fight alone. His teammates include Ryouko from the reputable Tyga clan, Yin who excels with weapons and traps, and their teacher Shinai who is a master shapeshifter. Can these beginners succeed at one day become elite ninja? Manga/adventure

Worlds Apart: Two races at war for centuries; the Solara much like the ancient humans, and the Shaden with animal like characteristics. But when a certain Solara is abandoned and left to die by his people, he decides to get revenge by freeing a trapped Shaden, who saves his life in turn. This leads the Solara to live in the Shaden's village, and sparks a union that may just save them all. Romance.

Don't be afraid to pm me! I'm happy to answer questions and I love hearing from people. Please review, it's what motivates me to keep writing. I'll respond to your reviews too, so I can ask you questions and clear up any questions or mistakes. Thanks for taking the time to read, please let me know what you think.

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