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Hi! I'm AA and I absolutely adore alliteration (could you guess?).

I've been using FP for a while now and I thought I should stop being a creeper and actually make a profile and share some of my work too. I don't have much yet, but I have a few works-in-progress.

Like many writers, I'm not much of a speller so please PM me if (or rather, when) you find my mistakes. Please review! Even if it's just to tell me everything that's wrong with my work, I won't complain. All (polite) advice is appreciated. If your review isn't shallow and makes some good points, I might just return the favour!

Also let me know if you appreciated a review I left you, I put a lot of thought into my reviews and I never review stories I don't like. I study a bit of linguistics and have been published (once... many years ago... in a children's magazine, but hey, I got paid!) so I'd like to think I have *some* idea of what I'm doing, at least on the grammatical front.

Anyway, drop me a PM if you want to discuss a review or some writing, I love chatting.

-Love, AA

PS - I'm finally finally back! My hiatus ended up being a lot longer than expected due to exams, University applications, my boyfriend's (minor) surgery and an unexpected death in my family. I'm very sorry for anyone who's PMs and reviews I haven't replied to, just send me a message if it was something important. I should have an update to Canatika's Company in a week or two, but maybe longer since I think I'll do a biiiig edit of the work I've uploaded so far.

So happy to be back, I missed the friends I've made here :3

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