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I want to ask (again) that if you choose to comment on a chapter/story, please make it constructive. I understand that sooner or later I will get flamed. It happens, but I also want to know what it is you think I should fix that you are flaming me for. I don't like outright bashing for no reason. Thank you.

My stories will contain in there descriptions an excerpt from the story. I like that much better. You will see 5 stories that come up with the same title, though one will say (Original) after it. This is because a friend of mine who does not have her own account and does not write enough to really want one, has asked me to put up her stories on my account. She has also given me permission to re-write them and edit them how I like and post them again. Because of this, I have decided to mark off hers with the aforementioned piece to mark off separation between hers and mine.

I am sorry it is taking me so long to update stories. I have been having issues with internet, and I am copying the stories to notebooks so I can work on them when I am not home and taking a laptop would be a very...inconvenient thing to do. Kindly bear with me and I will get them updated as soon as I can. (still working on it on April 29, 2015).