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Hi, I'm a writer who specializes in romances. Hope there are others out there who do as well in terms of reading and writing them!

Feb. 20: I've enjoyed writing stories and currently have three online in progress. I've also got some shorter ones lying around somewhere. Stats are down (again) and so I'm not sure who's reading lol, so thanks for the alerts and the reviews! Hopefully the stats will be fixed soon. I'm not getting any hits on either.

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March 13: I've been busy the last few days. The Japanese quakes and tsunamis hit my city's Sister City of Sendai pretty hard and prayers and thoughts and hopefully coordinated support efforts will be directed by the city to that hard hit region soon. I also have family who lost their house in the Christchurch quake on Feb. 22 so it's been a year of earthquakes. Thanks so much for the feedback and support on my stories and your patience as I'm wordy and tend to be methodical when developing plotline!I'm new to fiction writing as I'm mostly a non-fiction writer especially longer fiction.

Warning: My stories tend to be quite long. If you need any more information on that, I also write under butterfly collective at Fan and just finished an update that is the second to the last (which will be Chap. 134) and the story itself will probably clock in around 480,000 words, lol. But I don't think any of the FP stories will be nearly as long as that. :-) I also notice that FictionPress put up this annoying traffic school ad popup. I can understand using ads to raise revenue to keep a site from costing users money but not to the point where it's actually defeating the purpose it's supposed and Traffic School ads wouldn't attract many people online b/c for those who need traffic school, the courts often provide a list of such schools in cities and counties to choose from for those who are sentenced to attend. No one else who doesn't have to go even wants to think about it. I know it took me four attempts from the home page to get to a story I really wanted to read.

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April 2, 2011: Hi, I'm still working on my fiction press but if my updates look raw, it's because Fiction Press for whatever reason won't give me that nice online editing box to fix them anymore. I just get this skinny box that only allows you to see three lines complete with html for both document manager and even the profile updating! If I broke something without knowing it, will someone kindly send me a PM on how to restore my nice big editing box complete with font highlighting and line breaks because this sucks. Thanks! Actually more people have reported that their online editor under document manager is broken. UPDATE: Sorry for no updates and I don't even know if you'll be able to read this but Fiction Press is not allowing stories to be updated and has been down for about a day. The online editor's been broken for over a week without being fixed. I'm still going to post here but I'm importing my stories over to bookie(dot)come under the same username because this site's broken down no less than six times in the two months I've been here. Thanks for your continuing support, reading and feedback. I DO really appreciate it and you've been awesome. I'll be at both here and the other site from now on.

April 19Just working on the different stories and some new ones because I'm kind of scatter brained at the moment, lol. Hope you enjoy reading them and thanks for all the feedback! I'm sorry the sections aren't broken up but it doesn't look like Fiction Press is going to fix its online editor anytime soon as it's been broken for nearly a month.

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May 18: Unfortunately, chapters to my stories have turned up missing after being published. This is due to an ongoing glitch with Fiction Press, one of the reasons why I'm researching alternative sites to post fiction. But I've emailed support and hopefully the latest missing chapters for "Watching from the Shadows" will show up soon. They both had received reviews so their disappearance must have been recent.

An alternate address for Watching from the Shadows:

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UPDATE: Document Manager is BROKEN AGAIN. All updates of my stories will be published at Booksie. Google it and look me up under Mairzy Dotes there. Thanks! Email alerts on story updates are down again. I'm updating some of my stories so if you're following them, check them out. :-)

UPDATE: I'm having difficulty logging into my account as Fiction Press apparently broke the link to the login form while updating. It doesn't appear that they're aware of it yet because the few responses they've given, they've given troubleshooting for computers which doesn't help. I'm at Booksie as well under the same user name with a space btwn the two words.

OCT 18, 2012: I'm trying to work on my stories when I've got time! "Under the Hot Summer Sun"'s almost completed. It's more of a prequel to another story which I'm writing later on that will be a sequel of sorts to the epic length "Journals of a Hot Summer" one.

March 17: Sorry I haven't updated in so long but I broke my shoulder really badly, like 10 pieces, had reconstructive surgery and am still recovering. I've started doing updates but they'll be slow for a while. Thanks for reading, your reviews and support! I really appreciate it!

July 1: I'm working on my new story, "Party Favor" but the site's corrupting its updates so I might be cautious about doing that until it's fixed. There should be four chapters up now but i keep having to repost chapter 4.

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Rebecca took the cleaning job not expecting excitement but the moment she stepped inside Dirk's bungalow, she knew her life was about to change...and she was finally going to get lucky...but is it more than she bargained for?
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A revision of the earlier Story "With Roses Come Thorns", both Reese and Dallas trying to find their way back together from a mission gone horribly wrong as dangerous players track them down.
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Carla's known Chase most of her life and he's known here but she's leaving for college soon and she wants him to see her as a woman not a little girl before she takes off. But will Chase bite?
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Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,782 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/2/2011 - Complete
Library Loving reviews
Shelly anticipated another day of studying in the college library but what awaited her there wasn't anything she could ever have of my earliest attempts at fiction...dug it up and posted it. Hope you like it.
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