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Konnichiwa, Minna! I'm guessing that ya wanna know more about me! Well, I'm called Kirin Li. My BFF is Daine Yuy, so I suggest you check out her stories, too. I'm glad that so many people are reading my stories! I'm planing on writing more for you later, but first I'd aprecieate to hear your thoughts on my writing! So when you read, review! K, well, I'll go now...but first, if you really like my stories, you should check out some of my fave. authors, mainly Daine Yuy, and stories. Our, Daine and mine, website is up and it now has some pages, but it still doesn't have much. If you'd like to send me any fanarts, etc., please do!! Sayonara! -Kirin Li^_^ Oh! And something I almost forgot!! I SUPPORT DUET MAXINE!!! Who wouldn't she's cool! And the only female gundam pilot that was unfortunaltely cut out and was also suppose to die. Don't mind my ramblings, it's late.
Okay, I had some questions asked that I'd like to answer now, since I won't have chapter 6 up for a while longer. First off, chapter 6 is starting to come along good and it should be up by saturday, I hope. Now for the questions. I call him Prince Yami because hs name is Yami Yugi (dark Yugi). He remembers his past becuse he always has, he was first reborn in Egypt and was trapped in the Millenium Puzzle, which Yugi released him from. He knows Haruka because he met her through Yumi, just like Yugi did. Rae knows there is something different about Yugi because, if you remember, she's kinda psychic and she senses things. And also, if I misspelt Yaoi, it was just a typo. You know, sometimes fingers hit the wrong key! Anyway, there are your answeres. I'm glad that so many people like this story!! ^-^ I happen to love it and even if people didn't review in the beginning, I wouldda kept posting it anyway, just for the heck of it. Now I really think I sould start doing my work, the net isn't exactly a good way to get good grades in a computer class. Please keep reading!! I really enjoy having fans for this story!! Now I'm definately going to write more Yami/Yugi stuff!!! ^-^
I am pleased to say that thanks to the new reviews I got, I will be posting chapter 8 sooner than I thought!! Expect it around Wednsday!! I'm not done with it yet, but after I read my reviews, I went right to wrighting chapter 8!! It's not yet as long as the others, but It's longer than the last one!! Please keep your eyes peeled!! I promise it will be up!! Thanks for your suggestions for curing writers block Yami's#1fan!! I think that you and the other reviewers are my muses' for this story!! I'd be workin on it now, but I'm in class. . . .and I didn't bring a floppy with it on it. ^-^' Yami/Yugi is in the next chapter!! I think that for one of the next few chapters, I'll write one just about Yami/Yugi!! Ja~~! ^o~
^_^ FF.N is almost completely fixed!! CHapter 12 is done and will be posted asap, I promise!! Thank you all for reading Prince of the Light, it is the only story that I am really proud of. Ja~! ^.~
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I'm not putting the whole thing up, I just wanted to see if people like the prolude. Please R+R. I may put up chapter 1 also, but to do that I'm expecting a lot lf reviews! I really hope people like it. It's about a young Vampire, how she became one and w
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 321 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 1/26/2002