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Hey, you can call me pinky :)

All I want to be is a good wirter or a physcologist, but I've started thinking about staring a club, like an actual dancing club...I think that'd be flippen awesome. It'd be called "The Vortex".

I don't even like the color pink...it makes me mad...but an elf from a field trip called my pinky cuz of my pink and gray stripped beenie, my friend Mercedes just loved callng me that haha.

Awe snap...I just typed a whole lone cool sneek peak at a new story I'm going to write, and it turned out I wasn't on the internet anymore so when I hit the save button, everything went POOF and now it's gone and I'm super sad...

But anyways, new topic!

~Tell me what you think? Should I post this story on Fiction press? Or no?~

I watched as my breath hung in the air like a misty fog and cocked my head to the side to hear better. A shadow fell on the door, so I peaked through the crack.

There was a man lying crumpled on the floor, his arm shielding his face. There was another man who was strolling across the floor, circling him like a buzzard. I blinked several times trying to clear my vision, but what I saw was still there. On the back of the man who was circling the other, were two massive, black wings, folded neatly in between his shoulder blades. The soft voice slithered into the air again as the winged man spoke.

“Poor, poor Henry. I'm guessing you're starting to regret all the choices that you've made in your life now, huh?” He ran his fingers through his brown hair that was hanging strait past his eyes, which were the strangest shade of red, “I'm sure you'll be happy to know that your son is already in hell waiting for you,” I noticed the long silver sword he carried in his hands. The light from the bedside table lamp glinted off of the silver surface and made it seem as if it was quivering with life.

“W-why are you here?” The man on the floor asked in a raspy voice.

“To take you to your final resting place you could say. Or, it's just your time to go,” He laughed, the feathers on his wings ruffled, “So, enjoy you new, nice and hot home and say hi to your son for me. He was a funny one. He actually tried to make a run for it, you know?” His sward arched through the air and slid right between the others ribs. His body exploded with a burst of light as a silvery figure was ripped through his skin and floated above him. Black hands reached through the hotel floor and grabbed onto the floating spirit's clothes and arms. They slowly started to sink into the ground, pulling the lifeless thing after them.

It grew dark again as the light faded into the floor. The man nudged the body on the floor with his foot and headed towards the door. I backed up slowly, my breath catching in my throat. I set my foot down on one of the rickety floor boards and it let go a long, moaning screech.

The man's eyes snapped up and pierced right through me. I gasped and tripped over my foot, crashing loudly onto the floor. Suddenly the man was in front of me, grabbing onto the front of my shirt and dragging me back into the room. The door slammed behind me and he tossed me into flowered armchair in the corner. He placed his hands on each side of the chair so I couldn't get up.

“How'd you get in here?! I checked each room before I dragged him all the way here!” His red eyes bored into my face and I coughed, gasping for air. He seemed to realize what he was doing with his eyes and focused in one of the pastel purple flowers. He released the chair for a second, wonder spreading across his face, “You can see me?” My eyes widened in a very obvious duh! “How old are you?” He pulled me up from the chair by my hair and threw me against the wall, his arm pressed right up against my throat.

“18,” I choked. He moved his arm from my neck and held onto my chin.

“Huh...” His eyes ran over me thoughtfully and he turned my face from side to side, “Physically I'm only a year older then you, you know?” He ran his thumb against the line of my jaw, “Black and white hair? Interesting,” He pushed a lock of my hair out of my face, “Your eyes don't match you. The bright blue doesn't match your hair and skin color.”

“I don't need your judgment thanks,” I grunted, pushing with all my strength against his arms. As soon as my fingers touched his skin it was like an electric shock to my heart. Searing pain exploded in my chest and I doubled over. He reared back his head and laughed a laugh that didn't suit him at all. It sounded like an angel should have owned it instead of him.

~Input would be nice please :)~

There's also another story I wanna write and the girls name is gonna be Hero but she absolutely hates it lol. It's gonna be pretty snazy if I say so myself hahahahahaha

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