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About me: male, single (just saying), love to write stories and spend a reasonable time on them. Totally a cat person, dogs are cute, but never really feel rabid to them. I'm kind of shy in real-life but it doesn't matter, cause I am introverted and proud of it.

Ending my conscription commitments on 6 jun (Finally! its been too long)


Descriptives- Love them to the core! everyone who reviews my work always says that I have beautiful descriptives which I am proud of too

Dedication- when doing my work, I would spend hours to just fine-tune my work to ensure the stuff that I publish is of quality. This means you won't expect to get crappy and sappy stuff from me

Character study- I do good character study as well, so if you have any problems you can ask me about that too


Procrastination - Like I said if I'm dedicated I will spend months on writing alone. If I am not, I will spend months lazing around as well

Being rushy - When I finish a story, I would publish it quickly and not proof-read. That's why my grammar's whacked :(

Things that irk me...

Anything of mainstream. This means...

-Angry birds. (Do not understand why this game is so popular)

-Music (you know the kind of people I'm talking about)

-People who trash talk for no reasons

-People who hate for no reasons

-Twilight (obviously)

-Brainless girls and boys who scream mainstream crap all the time. I do not want to heard your twisted fantasies with Justin Bieber 24/7

-Hating Justin Bieber for no apparent reason. It seems that hating on that man or woman is just turning mainstream nowadays. People just hate on him for the sake of hating.

-Facebook. It's everywhere

- Candy crush


grow either a beard or goatee and dye my hair brown

grow lean and mean (well not the mean part!)

publish a series and have that book gain half the popularity of harry potter (eating humble pie now hehe)

Learn how to break-dance

Learn how to mix drinks

Why people stay on the treadmill...

5% of the time- trying to keep fit

95% of the time- trying not to fall off the damn thing

What considers a fail video

5% of the time- People falling down accidentally

95% of the time- The cameraman laughing like a maniac

My Writing Style:

I usually write stuff that is more objective rather than subjective. I don't write philosophical proses, my writing style is "what you see is what you get" and nothing more. I also do better at one-shots, writing long stories would make me barf. Don't gripe on my tenses and grammar please, I swear I am working hard for this aspect of writing. I also seem to do things better when I'm lost and not focused. So don't give me high expectations, would probably fail. You can also see some easter eggs in my work. What I mean is that in my work, some characters in previous stories will be featured or recycled into my newer ones so look out for them as well.

My Reviewing Style:

For me I believe that reviews should be more negative to positive so that people can learn from their mistakes. What I really hate about reviews advertising about their stories. Their paragraph for advertising their piece is longer than the actual review itself. I'm not saying that I hate reviews that advertise their stories because you know a review for another but what I mean is that it really shows insincerity, quality reviews are better than quantity reviews. You can have a thousand reviews but if all of them are just "keep up the good work" or "quick update fast". I would rather have two or three reviews that gives me genuine constructive criticisms. Praises are nice but at the end of the day we are here to learn and hone our writing skills. If I cannot find fault in the piece I'm reading, I simply will not review it. I really hate to give just one liners to the work I am reviewing unless the piece is just for us to laugh at for the humor or the parodies. I used to give just one liners but that's in the past now. Earning a review is hard work ya know, if I cannot review your work I would understand if you do not want to review mine. I also don't really mind if you give me one-liner reviews but that one line has to at least tell me on where to correct on my piece.

So here's the situation. For this year (2014) I'm going to do some big changes to my profile. For one some stories will be taken down permanently in my archives. And that's because I'm publishing them! Do read them now before I take them down. You still have a few months to read them people!

These stories include.

1) Lonely men series

2) Running

3) A rose when we meet

4) A mundane day (chapter 3)

Thanks for viewing my profile page here in fictionpress!

Please guys review my work would so appreciate it. Just something to show that you have at least read my work. You can talk about anything under the sun, even discuss the plot I WOULD BE SO HAPPY! So please read and review any of my stories (points down)

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Tristan is a young boy who is admitted to the hospital after an accident. It's pretty cliché, really. He lost his legs, but he's sure that everything will turn out fine.
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Mr Tidy Up Vs reviews
An informercial salesman prepares for a night shoot, something goes wrong in the night and it all goes into chaos. Magic, monsters and madness ensues. Please read and review
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Read at your own risk...
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