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Greetings there, ladies & gents. I've kept this blank for the longest of time since there wasn't anything in particular I wanted to share here, but the blankness of it all has been driving me crazy recently. So I added this. Woo. Honestly, I'm more personable & lively while on a 1 on 1 level than I am on these things, so if you ever wish to chat with me about something, I'm pretty game. With regards to my personal tastes, I'm into storytelling across all mediums (anime, comics, manga, video games, live action TV, movies, theater, naturally books, etc.) and I'm, for the most part with some exceptions, open to all kinds of things. I can't promise I'll like it, but I'm fine giving things a try. Beyond entertainment, I'm big into philosophy & psychology. History is also pretty cool and can prove fascinating all the stuff we can learn or has actually happened. Personally, I prefer to do a more satirical approach to it since, if you really stop to think about it, human history is freaking absurd. I love it! XD

I do practice review returns, so yeah, if you leave something (worthwhile), I'll do the same in return for any story. I'm pretty open to most different types of stories, in various tones, since I've experienced all sorts ever since I was a kid. My tastes are pretty varied, with me preferring to take a peak at every genre, if possible. I let it show in my stories as well, when possible. To give one of my favorite quotes, "Life isn't divided into genres. It's a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky." It's from Alan Moore and approach to storytelling I personally take.

I'd say my favorite story of all time is Shadow Hearts & it's sequel, Shadow Hearts: Covenant. There is just so much I love about it and I find the entire thing touching. My favorite live action television show is Leverage, which admittedly has influenced me more than any other crime drama even though I have sought to find my own voice in the genre. My favorite fictional book is... hmm... that's difficult, I have quite a few. I'll have to think on that and come back to it. As for manga, my favorite is One Piece. Video game wise, discounting Shadow Hearts, my favorite series is the Assassin's Creed one. Meta plot included, I love all the stuff going on in the present plotline too. Hmm... I'll write more here later, I'm bored talking about myself now. Still, I DO want to meet more people on here and would be absolutely delighted to get PMed to chat about anything. So, please do! :D

Oh and I hate BBC's Hustle. Why am I putting that here? Because I can. I really, really freaking hate Hustle and if you ever want to know, I'll create a huge rant on it. I will say there are plenty of elements I like & am inspired by. There are even a couple of episodes I got into. I actually want to like it as a show. I mean, you have no idea how hard I've repeatedly tried and will likely try again. I've watched nearly the entire series, minus most of Season 4, finale aside. But I just... I don't!

As of now, my main story up is anything related to The Grandmaster of Theft series. What I hope to do is turn the entire series into it's own verse, with attention turned not only to main series protagonist Cassidy Cain (the girl who tends to be in my avatar), but highlight the various other stories in the world. Ideally, I can come up with stuff varying from short stories to novel length. It shall depend on what I think up and have the time to make. The main series I have plotted out entirely, which is why I'm currently in rewrite phase. I took quite a bit of time out to re-approach the series with information I previously obtained on here and study of criminology some more as well as a wider exploration of the crime fiction genre in general. At any rate, I hope it entertains.

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/Story Removed/
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Part crime solver, part crime causer, Cassidy Cain is an heiress who practices her own brand of noblesse oblige as a The Grandmaster of Theft, a lady thief who uses her privilege & wits for the sake of those without her advantages. Her escapades typically end with her satisfied. The Adora's Tear Job, however, was not one of those cases.
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