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Well how'd ya do y'all?

Hey! It's great to meet ya, I'm Buffy! Or DS, whichever you prefer! DS is what I'm more commonly known as, but I respond to either. I respond to most things actually. So if you feel like yelling "Hey! You!" I'll probably be the one who turns around. '

What do I do on this thing? Oh right. Tell you about myself!

Well to start off with, one is proudly British. One does so enjoy spending one's time on the world wide web, as well as annoying people by putting on a stupidly posh accent and asking Jeeves to bring the tea and scones up. He'd better have ironed that newspaper this time!

Okay, mockery of my own country over with. I'm barking mad. Simple as that. If I was asked to put it a different way, I guess I'd have to settle for 'eccentric'. I'm also a lazy sod, it's not uncommon for me to be fickle with what I'm doing, I'm exceptionally easily distracted and ... OOH LOOK, A BUTTERFLY! See?

I'm a big fan of the Pern world, as well as fantasy in general. Debating is another past time, though where you draw the line between debating, arguing and playing the devil's advocate I don't know. I'm quite happy to hold a mature discussion with you on I think any subject. It's good to make my brain do something from time to time. xD Having RPed for a while now, writing isn't something I'm new too. This though, is new. The whole writing a full story with a plot thing. Wish me luck!

I blather. A lot. Incase you'd not noticed. I also fragment sentences. Frequently. Word generally tells me off for this. I don't care.

Oh, and tangents too, I go off on those a lot. But not the mathematical ones. I hate those. Pains in the behind, and I'm quite glad to be rid of them for the moment. Until Further maths A level drags them back again. Yaaaay. Cue sarcastic nature¬_¬

As an A level student, I hope to write simply when the motivation strikes. My muses can be picky so I don't work to a schedule. I have joined because of a brainwave I may be able to pull off. Do not expect any nuance of order though.

I'm done wittering at you now! Until next time: Au revoir!

About my stories

Wings Of Change (WoC):

Okies, I'm a lazy sod. Latest chapter is being worked on, but the muses are fickle sods and none of my current lot like me too much. I'm also too picky about details that probably don't even matter and it keeps halting me in my progress.

Hopefully, I'll take on a new approach soon in that I merely write it all down and get it done, as opposed to trying to have a finished piece done in one go, which is what I'm trying to do now I think. This will possibly result in some inconsistencies, so if you want to me to clarfiy please just ask. When I do eventually go to get this published, I'll certainly be stripping it down and redoing a lot of it.


My proof reader for WoC laughed when I said I was going to try and do NaNoWriMo. I now have to do this to prove to him that I could if I wanted to. This isn't being proof-read at all, I'm literally just splurging words onto the paper, and I've not got it massively planned out at all. I came up with the idea on the 31st of October, so it's hardly had copious amounts of thought put into it. I've no idea what'll happen 20 odd days down the line... (Planning a chapter a day? Hopefully?) Still, I'm looking at it as something that I could one day pick up again and rework.

It's also going to have little research put into it due to time constraints, so please feel free to correct me if I have a glaringly obvious fact wrong.

Also, as it progresses something tells me it's going to be weird to write, considering I've become quite a Hetalia fan of late... I know I'll keep picturing that cast when writing, I just know it. .

Fun Fact: The common language of the Magna Imperia is French because, until not that long ago, world conferences were held in French as opposed to English like they are now. I thought that considering that France is part of the Magna Imperia I may as well bring this tradition back in because why the hell not? Also, I studied some French for ... 7 years? So again, why not?

Wings of Change reviews
You can find anything on the Black Market - Legends included. When a southern bound ship's supposedly extinct cargo is discovered, it heralds the change of everything and the lives of a chance few will never be the same again.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 19,322 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/8/2011 - Published: 2/6/2011