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The names Jejune...Elssyn Jejune! :)

I've been stalking FictionPress for the past 5 years and never really had the nerve to post anything up until I realized, NOBODY would know who I am, really! Muahaha!!!

Duh, Elssyn, how do you not know this?

Shut up , that's how.

So anyways, I write my stories based on what ifs, so if the situation seems far fetched, tough! It's called FICTION for a reason!!!

Inspirations: Asian culture (manga/manwha, j/k/t/-dramas), people watching because I don't have a life, and many other things I'm too lazy to name.

I'm black/Haitian, so yes, my main characters will most likely be black.

I'm color-AWARE! Meaning: I am AWARE of the disadvantages AND advantages of being who you are based on race and I will make sure to make note of it in my writing so that stereotypes can stay in their basements. It's a real thing folks, get wit it!

Music is always on when I'm writing because it helps keep my emotions in check!! I mean, how am I supposed to write an angry part after I've finished watching baby goats playing around in their pajama's? Exactly.

Anywho! This is m'page. Chat with me, email me, constructively, CONSTRUCTIVELY critique me, I humbly welcome you all! (;

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Meeting her match was no easy feat. She was valedictorian, best viola that school had ever seen, but that changed when a new guy came in, with a bad boy complex and all, after her post. A little competition never hurt.
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