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You've reached TheFateKeeper's profile on She can't come to the creative-writing-sharing-website right now, please leave a message after the bump in the night! Thanks! :3

Hey guys! This is my profile. I write mostly fiction fantasy, but occasionally I'll write some realistic fiction.

Someone whose story I read when I first joined said, “This will be written as the inspiration strikes, nothing more.” That's how mostly all my stories will go.

Anyways, I live in the US, and I have a bunch of crazy friends. I usually get them into more trouble than I'm worth, but they're still here, so I guess I'm really awesome. ;)

Some other things about me:

I HATE Twilight. It's stupid. Since when do vampires freaking sparkle in sunlight? They're supposed to burst into flames! And the books and script are so stupid, even a good actor that I actually liked before Twilight came out (Kristen Stewart, I loved her in Zathura: A Space Adventure) can't do a single bleeping thing with the character to make the movies better. (Okay, I think I might be a hypocrite and put up a story I'm writing about a vampire, but it won't be like that at all!)

I'm a HUGE fan of the Broadway musical Wicked. I have the soundtrack, like seven posters, and the playbook from the time I saw it in London at the Victoria Apollo Theater. My favorite song is No Good Deed. I recently read the book. You can go here to read about it --

My favorite bands are Marina and the Diamonds, Relient K, Muse, Arcade Fire and sometimes the Plain White T's or Paramore.

My favorite movies are Fly Away Home and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. My least favorite movie (besides all the Twilight movies) is the Notebook. I don't know why, but I just flat-out despise it.

My favorite Lord of the Rings character is Peregrin "Pippin" Took. I'm obsessed with him. He's so stupid!!! But he's smart too!!! And deep!!! And he can sing!!! PIPPIN!!!! I know about second breakfast, Pippin! (It's called lunch, shh, don't tell him...)

On another Lord of the Rings related note, the Frodo actor, Elijah Wood, is gorgeous!! I don't mean hot or anything, I mean like actually beautiful. He kind of looks like a girl, sort of. But a really pretty girl. And they made his eyes really awesome-looking with tinted contacts. Don't get the wrong idea here. My heart will always belong to Pippin.

Okay, last Lord of the Rings note, I promise! Random: The Frodo character freaks me out near the end cause he gets all, "ITS MINE PRECIOUS" to Sam. And then Gollum bites his finger off. So yeah. Actual Note: So my mom's fiance J and I had this big argument over whether Samwise Gamgee should end up with Rosie Cotton (J) or Frodo Baggins (me). I think Frodo and Sam are gay and in love, and they should have ended up together. They did have some tender moments in all three movies/books that caused their sexuality to be pretty questionable in my eyes. J thinks Sam should have married Rosie because she's a barmaid and he'll get free drinks, and then he can have an affair with Frodo on the side. But I told him it's not the same and anyway that's dirty. I'm still mad they didn't end up together.

I'm a huge bookworm. You'll hardly ever see me without my nose in a book. And it'll be a different book each time, too. I usually read Fantasy or Realistic Fic but that's as specific as I can be since my taste in authors is always changing. At the moment I really like Terry Pratchett (Discworld), James Patterson (the Maximum Ride series), Hilary McKay (the Cason Family series), and I also like The Epic of Gilgamesh which is probably a weird choice.

I friggin' LOVE Doctor Who! My favorite Doctor is David Tennant (even though Matt Smith is second best) because he makes me laugh and he's unbelievably hot (even though he's old. Because age difference won't stop me from marrying Johnny Depp). I really like seasons 5-6 of New Who and I'm going as Amy Pond for Halloween :D My best friend is going as the Matt Smith Doctor, our other friend is going as River Song, and our other other friend is going as the TARDIS (because we bribed him with a burrito.)

Update: Our other other friend ate his burrito and went as Captain Jack Harkness, even though he's from seasons 2-4 and not 5-6. But whatever.

I hate Justin Bieber. I don't hate him as a person, I just hate how almost all the girls I know are in love with him. Give it up, girls! I hate to break it to you, but you are not going to be the next Mrs. Bieber. Sorry. Actually I'm not that sorry.

When I went to Colonial Williamsburg, someone's cellphone went off during a reenactment, and the actors turned around and screamed, "WITCHCRAFT!" XD

I love :

Dear lawn gnome,

I don't remember putting you in the living room...

Sincerely, sleeping with an axe tonight.

I'll be uploading my new chapters/stories as soon as I can, but I have a crazy load of homework in my near future, so sorry for any delays in advance.

Signed, the ninjas who live in my walls

P.S. Don't you think lol looks like a drowning man? I do.

P.S.S. I hate it when you can't find a key-chain with your name on it if it's kind of strange. Key-chains with my name on them are, like, NON-EXISTENT. (Except, as my friend pointed out, in Italy. She pointed this out because I told her I would marry anyone who could find me a keychain with my name on it. So I'll probably marry an Italian. That's cool. Well, just as long as s/he never calls me bella because I hate Twilight (see above) and I would punch her/his lights out.)

Just a tiny shout-out before I go: AmazingGrace91, you sneak! I looked up the lyrics to the song "Mambo Number 5" to see what your first name was, and guess what? There are like 7,000 names in the intro alone! AND you have evil plot-twists! I hate you :3

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