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Sorry for the abrupt takedowns of my profiles, stories, and everything involved without hinting things. I really should explain myself.

See, this is what happens when my work is violated and taken without my credit. I warned you in each and every chapter and now, if someone has decided to steal my work, then I promised the consequences would be dire. And now, everyone has faced punishment for what has occurred. Who knows, maybe you guys will see me again in another form, since I do want to resurrect my Glorious Crew in other ways, just not for FP, considering the massive trolling and violations the interwebs is known to have.

But yes, here is my goodbye to all of you who have ever read/favorited/altered my work. All of you are still in my favorites list and I don't have to list you by name, since you know who you are. You guys got me through a very rough time and I'd have been pulling my hair if it weren't for you, but the time has come for me to just try and see where I go, mainly to refocus on my studies and work, which have consumed me to the depths of despair (and then there's my personal life, ahem).

So yeah, thanks everyone and best wishes to all of you. As the great Desmond Hume from LOST said, "See you in another life, brotha"


(P.S If I somehow make it through the publishing world and the odds are with me, than maybe tell me who you were at a book signing or something? But that's wishful thinking.)

5/22/13 Update: If you do want to catch up and follow my writing progress and eternal musings (those of you who still wonder about me and whatnot), I do have a tumblr

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/Story Removed/
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Edward VIII. One of the shortest reigning monarchs in British History, who famously abdicated the throne for the love of Wallis Simpson...what if he hadn't met Wallis Simpson? What if he had married? Would the world be different? Alternative History! IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REWRITTEN!
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/She's just a face that peers into their lone cupboard and traces the cobwebs with shaking fingers, just a face who remembers when food used to be piled high where now there is none./ Or, when someone amounts to more than they seem.
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Electromagnetic by Sakina the Fallen Angel reviews
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Every Friday before midnight a new poem will be added as a chapter to this story. Hope you read, review, and enjoy! No flaming though please, although constructive critism is accepted.
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Who cares for the thoughts of a rose?
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The Great Escape by Betty-wa16 reviews
Short story. Takes place in a perfect island with everything beautiful and magnificent only to find out that nothing is what it seems and sometimes dreams can be twisted with reality. My summary is never good but the story is I promise. *winks!
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