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I love to write and of course READ! I like to write with a lot of action, adventure, suspense, and romance (sorta). I loved The Harry Potter Series, The Tomorrow Series , and of course The Hunger Games. My favorite authors are: J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Suzanne Collins, Margeret Petterson Haddix, Rick Riordon, and John Marsden. I am working on a couple of stories one will be based off of The Hunger Games, another will be based off of The Tomorrow Series, and the third will be based off of The Percy Jackson Series. If you have any suggestions as to what I should write about...let me know, and I'll try and figure something out.

I have a fan fiction account under the same pen name.

Favorite Book Topics-

Adventure, Action, Suspense, and romance (kinda)

Worst Movie Based Off A Book-

Harry Potter #1 and 2

Best Story To Read-

The Hunger Games

Good Plot twists-

Unexpected endings

If you absolutely cannot live without one or all of these books series (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Artemis Fowl), copy and paste this into your profile!

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there is no I in TEAM but there is a ME in AWESOME

As you can tell by my name I love turtles. Here are some fun facts you might not know-

The first known turtles existed 200 million years ago.

There are approximately 300 species of turtles.

Turtles live on every continent except Antarctica.

Turtles are cold-blooded. One way they regulate their temperature is by basking.

Some turtles, such as the Musk turtle, emit an odor when startled.

Not all turtles and tortoises hibernate.

The blood of hibernating turtles acts somewhat like antifreeze, allowing it to tolerate cold temperatures.

Some female turtles produce eggs four years after mating.

Many species make sound, especially while mating.

All turtles lay their eggs on land.

Hatching turtles have an egg tooth at the end of their beak to help open the egg.

Some land turtles can out run a human.

The smallest turtle, the Speckled Padloper is 4". The largest is the Leatherback sea turtle, that can

reach up to 10' in length.

Turtle shells DO break.

The color and patterns of each species allows them to blend into their natural environment.

Turtles can regrow bony and keratin tissue.

Not all turtles have hard shells. For example, Soft shell turtles and sea turtles have flexible shells.

Box turtles are not the only turtles with a hinge to allow part of their shell to move.

Turtle shells are built into their skeleton.

The top shell, the carapace, is made up of approximately 50 bones.

Counting the growth rings on the scutes (scales) of the top shell does not tell the age of the turtle or tortoise.

Some turtles have hinges on their shells to enable them to close up tightly inside.

Turtles cannot protrude their tongues from their mouths.

Aquatic turtles have streamlined shells to help them move through the water. They also have webbing between their toes.

Aquatic turtles must be in water to eat.

Tortoises only go to water to drink. They do not swim.

Some tortoises can dig burrows 45 feet long.

Many turtles are expert climbers.

Land turtles ears are sensitive to ground vibration.

A group of turtles is classically called a bale.

One of the most common health problems is MBD, Metabolic Bone Disease, caused by improper diet and care.

All turtles and tortoises do not have the same habitat and nutritional requirements. Therefore, it is very important to research the kind of animal you have or plan to own.

Turtles have good eyesight, seeing in full color and a strong sense of smell. They have excellent hearing and sense of touch. Their shells have feeling due to nerve endings.

Instead of teeth, turtles have a sharp beak for eating. Depending on species, the beak may be scissor-like, hook-like, or serrated. The earliest turtles did have teeth and could not retract their head.

Some turtles can live up to a year without food.

Sea turtles can swim up to 35 mile per hour.

Turtles have a stronger jaw bone than sharks.




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