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Name: Shinjuu (Japanese for "Pearl")

Nick name: Shin / Grace

Age: 17 years old

Date of Birth: 24th September

Basic personality: I'm a day dreamer, I rarely finish my work and I'm lazy. I'm increadibly stubborn and will only write when I'm in the mood AND have the inspiration I need to make a half decent chapter. I'm quite empathic towards those who've had a tough life, but I can be a selfish bitch as well, just to warn you. (Slight split personality disorder here) I'm also a pacifist, yet I often dwell on the feelings of revenge when someone invokes my ire. I'm a walking contradiction, just to warn you.

Likes: Nature documentries, anime, fantasy novels (especially erotica), action films, comedies, any half-decent plays, junk/fast-food (it's a wonder how I stay so slim) and hanging out with my friends from time to time.

Dislikes: Being unclean, too much physical exercise, lack of chocolate cake, anyone who lacks basic manners, homophobia, child abuse and animal abuse.

Fears: Spiders (Arachnophobic), snakes (I watch too many nature documentries for my own good), sharks (same reason as before), dogs (almost attacked by one when I was 12-13) and heights.


I'm working on a group story with my friends here;



My work focuses on my character "Grace Walker", why? Cause I based her off of a real person and it's easier to do that than make up a possible Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu.


I try to make my stories as original and well done as possible however I am not perfect, just like every other human being so give constructive criticism only, I have no interest in listening to the ramblings of an idiot who only judges something completely after reading the 1st chapter of a multiple chapter story.

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