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Hey, I'm, XxTheHeartOfAnAssassinXx. I love to read and write and I recently got into poetry. Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy is my two favorite games of all time and yes, I do have a Fanfiction.net account, It is LilKingdomHeartsAddict, and I truly live up to that name. I will be posting some of my writings based off of Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy here. But not all of them are based of of KH/FF.

Now on to the Basic Facts

Name: Amora

Gender: Female no duh

Favorite thing to do: Write

Draw?: I can't for shit

Favorite Animal: Cats rule forever more. I currently have 5 cats O_o

Favorite Bands: Within Temptation, Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre, Nightwish, Delain, t.A.T.u

Favorite Male Singer: Michael Jackson

Favorite Female Singer: Emilie Autumn

Stuff I do in my free time: Write, read, go on YouTube, fail at drawing, read fanfiction, obsess over Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, and more stuff i can't think of at the moment

More About Me:

My name is Amora and well I'm your typical girl. I love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy if you couldn't tell. I love to write and read. My current favorite singer is Emilie Autumn. She is truly gifted in the Violin and my favorite song from her is Gothic Lolita. I read in my free time. My two favorite books are "Matilda", The first novel I ever read, and "The Pale Assassin" clearly because it is very interesting, but what I don't get is the ending. It was like a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers so I will see if it has a sequel. I watch movies too. I want to see that new scary movie "Red Riding Hood". I hate scary movies so why? I have no idea. The funniest movies I have ever watched is the "Big Momma's House " saga and I heard there is yet another sequel coming out. :P . My absolute favorite movie of all time is "The Sixth Sense"
Kingdom Hearts Fans: This does not, I repeat NOT have anything to do with Sora. Okay shot. The career I would want to be in is the science career. I adore nature and I am studying to become a Botanist, which is if I'm not mistaken, the scientific study of plants. Cats are my favorite animals. I currently have 5. I think that's about it.

My Favorite Song Lines

But never doubt I Love. .

Where is your substance, whereof are you made, that millions of strange shadows on you tend? Since everyone, hath everyone, one shade, and you but one, can every shadow tend.

Here in my web if dreams, my whispers turn to screams, and place the blame. Rose, Rose, Rose Red, will I ever see thee wed?

For this Darkness, I gave my light. For this wisdom, I have lost my innocence. Take my petals and cover me with the night.

Tell me no more stories, and I'll tell you no lies, no one wants to hurt me, but everybody tries, and if you think that I'm waiting for my planets to align, Its time you get your things. Get up, get out.

I realize your afraid, but you can't reject the whole world.

In the Cosmos, we are free.

How did we ever go this far, you touch my hand and start the car, and for the first time in my life, I'm crying.

"For every Rose has its Thorns. I will get my revenge for every hurt I receive. I will hurt you the same way you hurt me. My poisonous thorns and vines will make you wither and die."

"What was my Proof of Existence name again? Something about a being an assassin?"

Lost in the Darkness? Hoping for a sign. Instead there's only silence. Can't you hear my screams? Never stop hoping.


In my poem "Missing", the font is completely messed up. Here is how it should have looked:


I know you won't miss me
I know you won't forgive me
I know you don't love me
Even though I knew I was the sacrifice
I died to know if you loved me

So do you?
Do you love me?
Don't make me regret death.
I'm missing now
You can't find me
Tell me you love me, please
With all my heart
Try to find me
Try to love me

Can you hear my questions?
There are so many
I can't hear your answers
I will never know

Don't make me regret death
Don't make me regret sacrificing myself for you
Because my spirit will surely come back to haunt you
For the rest of your life
So don't make me regret death

I still haven't heard you answer on whether or not you love me.

My next upcoming fanfic is called "Ocean Eyes." Yes, it is going to be a full story. Maybe 10 chapters?

Okay, I know I said this would be the next upcoming fanfic but I'm sorry! I have to change things then I would put up the first chapter. Meanwhile, I have more planned poems than expected

Updates Galore!:

Thank you for all the kind reviews! I am slowly growing as an writer and I appreciate what you have to say! _

Luv+Thanks :)

Oh dear, It seems FictionPress has a problem with formatting. So once again here is how "Nature's Bloom" should look:

Nature's Bloom

Nature's Bloom,
Nature's Bloom,
The way nature has re-awoken in spring
Know your place
Know your place
Nature always surrounds us

Nature's Bloom,
Nature's Bloom,
Whatever evil things you do, nature will always be reborn
Know your place
Know your place
Nature can and will consume the forces of fire

Nature's Bloom,
Nature's Bloom,
The most beautiful
The most powerful storm
Know your place
Know your place
Nature has indeed bloomed once again

So know your place!
Nature is always going to be reborn
No matter what you do
No matter what you try
Nature's roots will grow once again
So know your place
Let nature stay in harmony
In it's perfect harmony

Treasured Memories

My Treasured Memories
I remember
I remember
I remember now

My chains of memories
The way they are broken, is they way they are going to come back
I remember
I remember
I remember now

My friends
My family
My home
My life
I remember
I truly remember now
My Treasured Memories

My chains of memories
The way they were broken, is the way they came back
Now I remember
Now I remember
My true memories

Dear bearer of my false memories:
I'm sorry
I truly am
I wished I could keep these memories
But I was unbalanced

Remember my promise, love
And I will come back to you
We can be together again

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong with the formatting? I have to put the poems up on here so whoever reads it can understand them.

My next poem I am posting is called "Cry."

Have any of you nature lovers ever thought about becoming a Botanist? That's what my next FictionPress write-up will be about. The art of studying about plants and learning how a simple leaf can heal one's self. And for those of you that don't know what a Botanist is, it is simply a scientist who studies plants (The scientific study of plants) which I hope to become.

As for Ocean Eyes: I will most likely put the first chapter up next week. I have to do a very important Exit Project for the rest of this week. Yes, school sucks.

As for my poems: I will be deeply in Nature Poems, so expect most of those. I also want to say thanks again for all the kind reviews. I keep thinking to myself that I might get bad reviews, but I do have to face the fact that I might will. Thanks again fellow FictionPress authors! _

I have created a community for all you nature lovers out there! It is called the Revolution of the Nature Conservationists. Be sure to join if you want!

3/3/11- "The Science of Nature-To be a Botanist" is up now! I hope I did good on it. It is just basically a description on my love for nature and just what did botany have to do with it. Please ignore my spam of the letter "I".

3/5/11-The first chapter of Ocean Eyes is coming out! I know didn't give a summary of it, in which I fail, so here it is now, with a small glimpse of what your going to read:

Ocean Eyes summary: After Isis' home was nearly destroyed in a fire, Isis swore she would never let that happen to anyone. She felt like her home, The Royal Garden of Assemblage, was her responsibility, even though she was only 15. She cared deeply for it, for she would protect it and her family even if it cost her life. When she inherits the power of water through being saved by a water nymph, she has no idea what enemies she will encounter.

Now here is a small glimpse:

Smoke was coming out of the kitchen and the living room. Isis was awakened by the smell of what it seemed to be charcoal. She knew that smell. It was a fire. Isis raced to her mother's room and woke her up. Isis had prayed she was not dead. And her prayer was answered. Her mother woke up sweltering. Isis was panicking. "Mom! there is a fire downstairs, we have to leave now!" she screamed. Isis' mom, Odeliea, knew they could not go downstairs, because the carbon monoxide would poison and kill them. She had to think fast. Odeliea grabbed Isis' arm and ran to the bathroom. She grabbed two washcloths and wet them. She had watched a show where a woman did that for insulation, air. "This will keep us from breathing in the carbon monoxide! Now we have to hurry! We have to escape from your bedroom window, it is the only room now which has not been affected by the fire, now lets go!" Isis ran with her mother to her room. Luckily, there was a fire escape stairway in which they could escape. Isis opened the window and stepped out. "Be careful honey!" her mother yelled. (Oh and by the way the reference I made about how Odeliea had watched a show where a woman wet a washcloth and breathed in it for insulation is from a show called "What Would You Do?" on Lifetime Women. But it doesn't show anymore. I don't know why. "What should You Do?" is on ABC every Friday and I watch it all the time. It is not a copy of "What Would You Do?" simply because What Should You Do has hidden cameramen and has Actors/Actresses playing out parts. What Would You Do has men/women telling their stories about their ordeals, and at the end they would show tips on how to prevent those bad ordeals from happening. Okay I think I explaned enough _)

No more for you. Hope you enjoyed that. Meanwhile I will be planning other things and the whatnot.

3/12/11- Apologies for not being on in the last few days/weeks. School can go and burn in eternal Hell. And I didn't put up the first chapter of Ocean Eyes. Why do I fail so bad? Anyways you can expect it SOMETIME during this month. I just have alot of things to do. Anyways I am going to be posting another poem up. It is called "Blood". It might, I mean MIGHT scare you. But know this: IT DOES NOT REFLECT ME IN ANY WAY. I am writing it in the point of view of well idk. . . a murderer?

Remember dear FictionPress authors: Best safety lies in fear. . . and Misery loves company. So be a Mad girl or boy and Want your innocence back, for we all are Gothic Lolitas. A virtual 100 will go to the person who gets this.

Love: Amora

And also, I'm trying to become a Beta Reader for all fanfics so be prepared for that!

3/28/11- Blood is now up and I'm going to be posting two other poems: Laughter and Merriment, and Lost (Which I think totally needs a re edit, but I'll post the original) And Ocean Eyes is being held up simply because I'm currently working on my FanFiction.net fanfictions.

Lost is now up. I will be re-editing this because I feel, plain simple, It sucks. I might do it today or tommorrow.

4/2/11- Ocean Eyes is up! Im so excited! I have alot of plans for this! And I also have ideas for new poems! I made some minor changes though: Isis is now named Hotaru and Odeliea is now named Charm. The summary I have on here will be for the actual chapter one, but with minor changes. Oh and to all of you who would consider, would any of you like to join my Revolution of the Nature Conservationists Community? You can send me a PM if you want. The thing is, IDK who to ask so if you would like to join, send me a PM or say you want to if you review any of my work. Thanks again!

4/9/11- I am starting a 9-Aspect Challenge! I will be uploading poems based on the following: 1. Love~Done 2. Hope~Done 3. Sincerity 4. Courage 5. Kindness 6. Light 7. Friendship 8. Reliability 9. Knowledge

8/11/11- Wow, I have not updated in like, forever. Sorry! I have not forgotten about any of my works and I have been making more writings in my time. You should see a new poem or two by the weekend. And Ocean Eyes is on an indefinate hiatus until I rewrite it.

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