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My hobbies involve sports, debate, public speaking, miniature painting, reading, and writing (obviously).

Sports are a huge part of my life. I wrestle, play rugby, and used to play football. The latter is my favourite of the three. I played it for 5 years and have been at every position on defence and a couple on offence in that time, settling down at strong safety in my last season. Now that I am in a high school that doesn't have a football team, I play rugby, which is a close second favourite. I have played it for two years now, playing hooker, various back positions and blind flanker. Finally, I wrestle. I am one of the best in my province and I love the sport for its traditional, domination-based feel. What drives me to these sports is the rush of collision with others. I love to hit and dominate others physically (mentally too, but that doesn't apply as much).

Debate is another big part of my life. I've only debated for a year, but it turns out I am very good at it, and I love it. I usually show people how wrong they are compared to me in everyday life, so it only made sense to do it officially. I love reasoning and speaking publicly, and proving my intellectual superiority is the biggest joy of my life. It also helps a lot in school and life. It lets you eloquently express your thoughts and ideas, and to persuade and argue them as well. For instance, I believe that it is better for a two month old baby to die than, say, a ten year old, or even an adult. Why? The same reason I think abortion is fine. Think about it this way: What makes you human? To me, a human being is the sum of his memories and experiences. Without these, you know nothing, for your world is based on perceptions; without these you have nothing to live for, because independence is a joke. So if we are our memories and experiences, who has more to lose? That is only the gist of the argument, if you wish to discuss this then just PM me and I will get into more depth.

A little add-on to debate is public speaking. While the real life applications for straight up public speaking are limited to working as a clergyman, I still like it because it gives me the opportunity to talk about what I want. I've presented many speeches and a poem and I've realized that writing them is a blast so I almost do it automatically in my head now.

I also paint miniatures (WH40K). I find it a lot of fun and very relaxing. It also builds character, because of the patience and dedication required to paint large amounts of models.

I write because I want to replicate the feelings I get when I read. I want to express my feelings and emotions and show people why certain things happen.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but I also like to think. About life, love, behaviour, politics, religion, God (there is a difference between the two), emotions, anything really. When someone asks me the one thing I would take with me to a deserted island, I'd say a bed that is comfortable, not too warm, not too cold, and blocks out annoying sunlight. That way I could lie down and think all day. My brain processes information I've gathered on things (people, mostly) and lets me make observations and notes on them. I would make a great pseudo-psychologist because of this. Whenever someone asks me why someone else would do something or another, I can always give them a dozen things that could have led up to that one decision. I also like looking at old themes from new perspectives. If you ever read my various poems on love, you can see that I do not have a concrete opinion on it. I think it is beautiful, unfair, trapping, liberating all at once. Bits of poetry come into my mind naturally, and I just put it to paper and work it into a fleshed out poem from there. Same thing goes for stories, except I find it harder to write stories, mostly because I have to explain things more. Literature is one of my favourite things because of how much it lets me think about all those subjects I listed above. Read some holy books, and you can look at warring peoples' similar view on the higher powers, how some conceptions you had about religion were wrong. Some rare books talk about God outside the context of religion, and those are just so beautiful to behold. Other books teach about love--usually at how unexpected and heart warming it is, but there are some that steer away from stereotypes which are simply amazing. Read history books and you will learn about how and why people do certain things, and you will learn about politics, the greatest mental sport ever designed.

Speaking of politics, I'll just share with you my place on the spectrum. I am a firm believer in moderation, you could say. But then again, I believe the best form of government is an autocratic one. I dislike the idea of a rigid political view because it discourages clear, reasonable thinking. I believe you should act accordingly to each circumstance as opposed to having a set of rules to make decisions by. Going back to autocracy, I like the wisdom of Plato and Socrates in Res Public. In it, they talk about how a state is best governed by a single ruler who is infinitely wise. Yes, that seems quite unrealistic, but why would anyone want to be realistic?

So yeah, there's me.

"When Alexander saw the breadth of his empire, he wept, for there was no more world left to conquer."

"How easy it is to invent a humanity where none exists."

"Truly amazing, what people will get used to, provided there are a few compensations."

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

"Power is measured not by one's strength, but by one's capacity to admit weakness."

The Lasfter Guarantee: Under no circumstances will I ever write angst poems or fail to return good reviews. As an extension of that last rule, I will NEVER return crappy reviews.

For your reading pleasure, my blog with less waits for updates, extensive forewords/commentaries on stories and a spiffy design: Allegory and Angels

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