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Hey Everyone. The name is Decode9. (Or D9 for sort) I live in about the middle of nowhere.

That has been said before by another person, and that other person happens to be my Sis Akrisakara.

Fav Anime/Manga:Yugioh, Dragonball Z, Sonic, and many more

Fav Books:Maximum Ride Series

I enjoy reading and writing

My main series right now is Card Master DELTA

Card Master Delta is the story of a girl named Nicolette Trishana Trace aiming to become the best in the city of Delta, but many many things stand in her way. A reboot is also in production. Heres the breakdown of the reboot


Nicolette is a tough girl who one day ends up losing to a man from another city. This lose and what the man said made her think that there is more to armor dueling than just winning. She eventually becomes friends with a jokester from a smaller lesser known city and the kids name is Volt Deja. We also meet the shy cousin Nano Kitsune, the tough guy Titan Magnus, the silent guardian Max Tyrant, and another jokester named Blitz Pyro. We also meet the one who holds the title Nicole is after Nexus Astral. Who after a intense armor duel gives her a bracelet and a challenge to get two more and raise her LV to 50 to compete in a tournament to get a second chance at him.


A bunch of filler episodes foucusing on the other characters, but still there are some with Nicolette as the focus. It all leads up to the revealing of her double heritage and her memory lose.


The tournament. With bracelet and deck in hand Nicolette must compete in a tournament with barely no knowledge about the deck she has and win...Hmm...Maybe a friendly visit from the Star Master and a certain Void User will help jog a memory or two. It all leads up to revaling who is behind Nicolette's memory lose, the identity of the mystery competitor Dread, the truth about Yuna Astral, and even the truth about...Nicolette herself!

Corruption:The Movie

Skylab is home of the Card Master Shiro Sora. Delta is home of the Soul cards and also home of Nicolette Trace. When Nicolette goes to visit her cousin in Skylab she gets more than she barginaed for when she meets Shiro, and when an evil spirit posseses her cousion it is up to her and Shiro to set things right! But...Just what or who is The Corrupt? And why does Nicolette have the eyes of the god Talon? This movie will answer that!

If you think that is good you should also check out my AU of my Card Master story called Card Master REBIRTH. Here's a summary


Ever had one of those days when things just seem to go so wrong? Well for Nicolette Trace of Delta that is about every day of her life. If she is not dueling a bully she's dealing with a group of jokesters. If she not doing that she playing bodyguard for a teen idol. To top it off an old friend has come back and she would just love to have a friendly 'chat' with him about some things. How can things get any worse? Oh should I mention there is a little war going on between two groups of children which each has a special set of eyes and Nikki might just be the changing factor? ...Yeah didnt think so. Get ready because this is not the same as DELTA. Same old characters, New personalites, New cards, and a whole new adventure! Lets Pick Up The Pace!

I also have another story I am working on called Gauntlet. I wont leak the details so you will just have to read. Well I got to go now. Decode9 Over and Out.

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