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Hi guys ive been working on a new story and i cant add anything yet because im new, but im eager so im ganna post it here, me and a friend worked on it:

Chapter 1:

The wind rushed against the tree branches, keeping the dandelions drifting in the air. Daren loaded up his toy gun and took an aim at the bird nest. “Daren!” His mother, Mrs. Blaze said, then stomped her foot hard against the stone porch. The bird flinched and flew away. “Aw, mom!” Daren set his toy gun down and walked to his mom. “You made the bird fly away. Okay, what did I do this time?”

“What? You’re going away with dad for two months on your anniversary?” Daren asked. “Yeah sport, we were going to hire a babysitter, but then we figured you’re not kids anymore, so you could take care of yourself.” Said Mr. Blaze. Kotomei and Naiomi sipped their tea as Mrs. Blaze nodded. “This is going to be a lo-ong two months.” Kotomei said with a sigh. She grabbed her books and headed for the pool. “I’ll be swimming if you need me.” Naiomi sat up and followed her sister.

That’s how the story all started.

One week later:

“Daren, for the last time,GET DOWN!” Kotomei and Naiomi yelled, glaring at the tree. Daren giggled at his sisters yelling at him and decided to lie down on the branch behind him to read. As he leaned back, and opened his book, thinking how great it would be to get away from his nagging sisters, Daren fell through the emptiness, and landed into a portal.

The book hacked through the tiny tree branches and dropped onto Naiomi’s head. “Ow!” She yelped, rubbing her head. “What was that?”She questioned. “It’s Daren’s book!” Kotomei remarked. “That’s it! You’re coming down here this instant!” Kotomei gripped one of the thickest branches and fell right through the portal the Daren had.

Minutes past, but there was no sign of Kotomei nor Daren. “Kotomei? Daren?” Naiomi whimpered, looking up at the tree. It was empty.

Daren landed right on his butt, moaning “So much for a soft-break fall…” Looking around the sandy terrain, he suddenly noticed that the irregular shaped birthmark on his neck was now burning hot, and the emerald on the necklace that he’d worn ever since his granddad’s death was now glowing green and shimmering with the moonlight.

Well, Daren…. He thought to himself. You’ve always wanted to get away from your siblings….now that’s happened. What now Then a his necklace stopped glowing, and a shadowy figure stretched over top of his head and said…

The ground rumbled and BOOM! It spat out Kotomei cursing and coughing out dirt. “That was not pleasant.” Suddenly Kotomei’s amber Hair ornament started glowing red and her squiggly shaped birthmark was burning hot. Kotomei slapped her arm to shake away the pain. After a while, it had disappeared along with the unusual glowing of her necklace her grandfather had given her.

She sighed and sat up. Rain poured down hard everywhere drilling itself into the beach sand and waves all around her. Then, a mist surrounded her, and with the moon providing the only visible light, what the mist was forming into wasn’t quite clear. “Hello Kotomei…” Its raspy voice said.

“Really, This isn’t funny you guys!” Naiomi shouted to the forest around her. “Ouch” Naiomi swatted her wrist; her unusual birthmark was burning hot. She repelled her pain and gestured her eyes toward her sapphire ring, which was glowing blue. She got it from her grandpa before her past away. “You win! I’m getting scared!”

“Scared?” The same snapping voice said. “You need not to be afraid. I am not your enemy.”

“…Though I do have a nice deal for you….” Daren knitted his eyebrows and backed up from the shadow.

Kotomei reached out to touch the mist, and her finger sizzled and burned. Retreating, she glared. “What deal?” She demanded. “Just bring me 5 items and I will teleport you back to your siblings without question.”

“You, Naiomi, must bring me the blood of a centaur, a feather from a golden goose, a ruby stone, a scroll of fate, and a ten-leaf clover.”

“Daren, I must request from you, a golden egg, an ice crystal, the orb of the future, a one eyed bat and a speck of darkness.”

“If you accept this quest, Kotomei, you will search for the Rose of Hatred, the Mirror of Truth, the Crystal of Dreams, Clear Drop and the “Hybrider”.”

“If you decide to not agree to accept this quest, I will destroy those who you love. You are not allowed to go back home until you tasks are complete and you have given me the items, or I will hurt you and your family.”

Daren, Naiomi and Kotomei, all gulped but agreed to the quest.