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I guess is the little part of my writing where I get to tell you about me. Since I really have no idea who you are, but probably aren't ever going to meet you in real life, I figure I can say just about anything and outright lie about whatever the heck I want to. But hey, I'm a storyteller hoping to someday be an author. Creative lying is what I'm hoping to make my career out of, eventually. Just to keep things interesting, I'll tell the truth. Mostly.

I'm fifteen and a freshman in high school, but it sometimes feels like thirty-five from the way my classmates act. I'm American, and for the most part proud of that fact. I live on the east coast and dream about someday owning a house on Chincoteague Island. Not because of the ponies or the beach, but mostly because it's beautiful there and I really do enjoy being near a large body of water.

I love fantasy and science fiction books. I grew up with Greek/Norse mythology as well as Arthurian legend, and am a major Lord of the Rings fan as well. I have only ever fallen in love with fictional characters, the ocean, and writing. I am a loner and do not particularly enjoy the compromise that involves letting people take up my personal writing/reading time outside of school.

After making some bad choices in the eighth grade involving my love life, I've vowed to never have a romantic relationship while still within the United States Public Education System. As a rule, I regard actual romance and love as something far-off and sacred that I don't typically tamper with out of a mixture of respect and ignorance. Though I can't say that I religiously follow the "write what you know" rule, I don't attempt to swim in the deep end of the literary pool without my PDF. I don't know much about love (and I mean true love here, without lies and deceit and manipulation) so it doesn't feature as a large part of my stories.

Politically speaking, I'm for the legalization of marijuana on the basis that making it legal throughout the United States would take a lot of money out of the trade of buying and selling it, seeing as marijuana can grow as a weed in every state of the Union. I don't have much sympathy for criminals, on the basis that your own choices in life landed you in that situation and you should face the consequences of your actions. I don't affiliate myself with any particular religion, though I am of the persuasion that all the life on this planet couldn't have been merely a random act of biology or something. I like dogs better than cats and humans, am neutral when it comes to horses, and see birds as food and nuisances.

The happiest portion of my life occurs when I am absorbed in my writing and don't have to think about reality. Though I'm a pessimistic misanthrope by nature, I'm impressed with you for reading all the way to the end.

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