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Hey All!! I found out about this site from a really good friend that is like my sister. Also I love getting messages on here from people asking me to read and review their story's! Yet I would appreciate the opinion and criticizing on mine too

My Books: so far I have quite a few works in the shop right now. The only finished product I can present to you is In the Woods. However, I took my works down from this website a while ago and am just now trying to see if there is alot of interest in them still. I am working mainly on my story The Academy at the moment and have around 10 chapters that none of the previous readers would have read.

In The Woods is about a girl who is rescued from murderers. She then finds out something shocking about her captives as well as her self. Lean (the girl) is 18 and was a freshman in college. Lean can't stop thinking about her best friend who she hasn't seen since the day before she got kidnapped.

The Academy is about a girl named Ava who is shocked one day when her mom doesn't come home, as she grows distant from the closest thing she has to a father 'Uncle Joe' she enrolls in a College called 'River Dome'. The university isn't very big but it is pretty cozy. Ava who is just looking for a good Zology degree is in for a shock though because cozy little 'River Dome' is not what it seems.

The Subway is one about a girl named Billie. She meets a guy that she couldn't get out of her mind since a mysterious night in high school. The circumstances are shady and he brings trouble with him.

The 21st Centuries is a work in progress but the main characters name is Jenna and her ass of a brother asks for her to help him by going on a date with a guy she can't stand. It ends up being in a stripper bar, a fact that he had not mentioned, and trouble arises.

Music:I LOVE MUSIC, I live for music. =). I play the Trombone(the slidey brass instrument) and some piano. I love listening to Country, Rock, and basically anything besides Screamo.

Books: I love reading and writing (OBVIOUSLY) and I read A LOT. Well I used to read more but now I write to so ha ha yeah. Yet don't be mistaken I am not one of those people that stay home on a Friday or Saturday night to read when I have plans, well not usually; but you always get that one book that's so awesome that you can't put it down! My favorite book series right now are: Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins Also some Series on here to check out would be: >Minty Root Beer by Ocean of Dreams Shadows and Secrets by fromtheheart14 Do You Remember by WA0520 AWESOME STORIES! Also if you private message me I will send you a 'word' document with pictures of the characters of my story In the Woods; Or you could send me some links to what you think my characters look like!

The 21st Centuries



Jenna( I had a hard time finding some for her. This was the closest I got. Just envision her with Black hair.)--


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Shadows and Secrets by Fromzeheart14 reviews
Lola is threatened by a gorgeous, 19-year old assassin. She witnessed him murder her own sister, and he now has her wrapped around his finger, because if she doesn't do as he says, he'll make sure that Lola is his next "assignment". R&R (REVISED! 6/2013)
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Josey Hale has never had much and it seems everyone she loves leaves. Now here boyfriend, Jackson Patton has gone missing and she has to deal with the grief that comes with his disappearence. And the fact that she sees him wherever she goes.
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Silas was a busy wolf. Too busy for a mate, but fate had decided on a mate for him and he was getting her. Enter Becca, a shy girl taking care of her deceased brother's responsibilities, and trying to avoid a stalker.
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In the Woods reviews
Have you ever wondered what you don't know about this world? What lurks behind the veil that the forests provide? University student Lean didn't care, until she was thrown in the woods.
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 18,786 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 8/18/2015 - Published: 3/4/2011
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What do you do when your world gets yanked out from under you? When your mom doesn't come home? Or when the things that go bump in the night are all too real? Follow Ava into her freshman year at River Dome and find out. M for sexual scenes, cursing, and violence.
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Picking up a phone call from my brother always irritated me. This one more than usual. Why did Demitrius have to be involved? He always got under my skin... M for precaution
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How would you react when they apocalypse comes? When the demons come to claim the Earth and the ground is thick with blood? When the time of the beast arrives and the demons are sent to keep our population in check? When 8/9 of the humans on Earth are killed? Follow this band of misfits through the world that's not like the one you and I reside in.
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Billie has spent years trying to forget the night that Samuel entered her life. He has haunted her dreams for five years. When she finally has put it all behind her, what will she do when he suddenly reenters her life?
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I just had it pop into my head and had to write it down. Usually don't write things like this. Please let me know what you think.
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Okay so I don't usually write poetry or songs but the other night I just had to sit down and get it out. Please let me know what you think
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