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I love to write. I love the way words can paint a picture, create an emotion, make us think the story is more real than the world we live in. Some make us think. Some make us laugh. Some make us cry. Some do both. I love to tie words together my own way, to make them flow. I want to be able to manipulate words to create.

I don't know what you want to know about me. I'm twenty-one, with my mind going so many directions I have to write down ideas as they come or else I lose them. I'm a little bit crazy and a little bit stupid, a little bit real and a little bit fantasy, but all in all, I am brilliant.

I got married recently, and am loving the married life, and this accounts for my lack of writing in the past few months. School and work interferes, too.

I hail from a small town, the name of which, if translated into German is Gutenburg which then re-translates to Good-Town. But it's actually called Gooding. It's one of those towns where you know everyone, and they know you, and everything about you.

But right now I'm at college, and loving every minute of it.

My favorite things are writing, swimming, laughing, fantasizing about how reality could or could not be, playing Magic: the Gathering (which I've gotten my brother and sister hooked on), reading, and pretending. I'm good at pretending. I pretend I can sing. I pretend I can dance. I pretend I can act... but isn't that acting? So maybe I can act.

I had two stories going on fictionpress, but one of them didn't work out so well, and I'm revising the other one and barely finished the prologue. So I'll have that one up again soon.

If you review my stuff, I'll review yours. And if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

My ideas consist of:

Where Mortals Dare Not Dream (the story I mentioned earlier that I'm currently revising): Aliandra is a princess who is *half fey and is also a shadow hunter (hunts the 'unseelie fey). Her twin brother is in line for the throne. The king is dead and the queen is dying. In trying to save her mother, she fights unseelie, including herself and her twin, and falls in love with another shadow hunter.

Half fey are a species of their own: Noma.

'Seelie fey are order-bound, Unseelie are chaotic.

Dreaming Days: Dackary is a dream mage who is a prince and mentioned in a prophecy to save the world. He has to unite the four orders of Magi who have been at war for centuries in order to find and protect the Source of magic and life. Should he fail, the universe will collapse.

Note: The four orders are: Dream (mind magic), Light (life, animals, plants, etc.), Dark (death, chaos), and Elemental (fire water earth air)

Masquerade: Masque is the escaped slave/apprentice of an evil mage, she can change shape and see others' secrets as long as she's wearing her mask.

Chike: Chike is a dragon slayer in a world similar to the world of Eragon, except that there are many Riders, all of them evil, and she's being hunted by one of them.

Never Been Dipped: A romantic comedy. I only have the name. No other ideas for it yet.

Dipped in Death: A murder mystery. Like Never Been Dipped, only the name, no other plans.

I'm also thinking about doing a young adult fiction novel that's a modernized version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

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