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Hello there! Well, I'm an aspiring young writer that's whole life is writing. I would die if I couldn't get my stories down on paper. I've been a member and user of the sister site of FictionPress, Fanfiction, for many years now under the name 'FrostfootDreamleaf'. But, I've had all these fragments of stories floating around in my head, ones that will probably never get published, and I figured I wanted some people to read them. I might even put up the story I'm trying to get published right now! So, I decided to finally get one of these sites.

I write mostly human or animal (Cat, wolf, fox) type of stories, now human ones as I get older. JK Rowling is my hero. I write for teenagers because I try not to swear, but sometimes It's in the character of my people. I am not mad; but I will say sometimes my characters appear in front of me and talk to me. Even as figments of my imaginiation, they are quite entertaining. But I'm a absoutly horrible spell-checker and grammer person, so I will be needing a BETA (If they're even on this site) For all of my stories...yeah.

I am a huge Harry Potter, Death Note, Warrior Cat, sometimes Twilight, The Host, Pirates of the Caribbean, Glee, Meg Cabot, Gossip Girl (The TV Show), music loving, Disney fan-girl- which is where I draw inspiration from frequently. Hmmm, what else? I've been writing since 5th grade and I can be slightly anti-socail at times, because solitide is my friend. The lap top I write all this on is my baby. I do not mind flames, as long as they are even a bit constructive. In all honesty; I want you to point out the bad points so I can become a better writer. This dosen't mean just yell at me about how horrible I am, how I should die in a hole or whatever because that won't help me at all. SO please, be honest. Brutally honest when you read my stories.

I guess I'll write some discriptions here of my stories...ones I'm planning to put up or might. Be warned; a lot of my stories will never be done. THe only book I've ever finished writing was the one I'm trying to get published at, currently, 420 pages. Yeah, that's a lot.

UPDATE MARCH 2012: Recently, I got a bf :3 And, for the last couple of months he's all I've thought about and wrote, yeah. There's a lot about him. As shall be explained soon. I almost want to take down anything not related to him, cause even though it was written WAAAAAY before him, it feels like I'm cheating. Idk, I'm paranoid. All I want to say is...if you, my wonderful bf of mine ever read this, just keep in mind none of those guys are even a fraction of how I feel about you. They..well, they don't even matter anymore.

Stories and Poems

DukeWritten about a year or two ago about a guy that I once thought was my everything. Somtimes, I miss him...but not like I did before. He reminds me of childhood, but not something I wish to go back to. I believe that in life, we can only go forward and never back.

RegretsOnce again, written like a year ago. I don't regret it now, looking back. I'm glad I did. But that night, I felt like crap and I needed to write.

Musings of a Supernatural TeenagerSomething I always wanted to start working on, but I don't think I'm going to update this anytime soon. Maybe one day. Idk...i like leaving options open...

Artist and the WriterSo goshdarn sappy for a guy I never think about anymore. Blah. But, when it was written (like...geeze, summer time last year as well I believe?) once again, I thought it was someone worth it. We live in two totally different places so I was totally delusional, so I realize now, but back before I had a bf my mind was always kinda easy to imagine things that would never happen.

Time and SpaceThis one is really about moving on. It's when I realized the guy that I'd written 'Regrets' and 'Duke' for was out of my life...and I didn't care. He and said gf in poem have broken up now, and he's moved on, and I no longer feel sad. Happy. All i ever want for friends, present or past, in my life is for them to be happy.

Frakenstine:FIRST POEM ABOUT MY BF BEFORE WE WERE BF AND GF. Ah, those days seem so far away...reality, it was like January. Because we weren't really anything yet, this is about him, but thinly veiled. A few key words, if one can pick up on them. But I do love this's probably my favorite of all I've written.

On The Precipice of Forever:This is a story I wrote, or am in the process of writing, about true people in my life with changed names. Summary: The bus was late- big deal. Too many of us to ride-the school's fault. He missed Anna-Lynn's stop- he was untrained. He drove off a bridge-okay, so there's no excuse for this. And I thought i was done for, in that bus. Holding on to kids I barely know, but we're all dying together anyway. Then, it's black. It's almost 200 years into the future and we're celebrities now. Even though we're only kids, we have a responsibilty bigger than anyone else in this post-war stricken world. People in the story that currently read it (using story names):Athelind, Sandy, Irina (a bit), Saoirse, and Nadia. LETS GET MORE! Lolz

It's YouSECOND POEM ABOUT BF. Written a bit pretty sure we were dating, but it was like only the third day. It's a bit dramatic, but sometimes that's exactly how I people cry, though, apparently!

Hero:THIRD POEM ABOUT BF. Written at the end of March after a sorta...deep conversation...shorter than usual. But, just as powerful.


My deviantart is where I post a ton of stuff for my stories, like pictures I draw or things to help you. It also just has art in general that I draw. For On the precipice of forever specifically, I have a folder. Scroll down until on the left side you see the 'On the Precipice of Forever' folder and click. Then you can click on any drawing to see it bigger, or see what comments I have.

Link: http:///gallery/

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