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Welcome Stalker! :D

Name: Jia (and yes, I'm a girl)

Age: 13 tears old :)

Occupation: Student

Birthday: 12/23

Spoken Languages: I'm from the Philippines so I speak the native dialect, English and currently I'm learning Mandarin Chinese

Hobbies/ Interests: Writing, reading, sleeping, some anime, TV

I love:

- Romantic stories

-Mythical stories


-M.Y F.R.I.E.N.D.S


-Writing stories

-My computer



-Junior Masterchef Australia

- Masterchef



- F.O.O.D






-S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B= F.U.N












I hate:











A little more about me:

I'm a native from the Philippines and let's just say, I'm proud to be a Filipino! I'm a girl, duh and I just love romance! Idk why, I just love it! I have long, black hair, black eyes, and skin just like normal Filipinos have.

I'm usually shy around new people but once we can be close friends, you'll see another me. I swear but I only use the "baby" swear words as I like to call it. (e.g hell, damn, and the like) I don't really like annoying people since they bother me so much. I tend to snap at some people when I'm angry especially if it's my annoying sister.

I don't like to meddle with people's affairs but I tend to help you with you're problems when you ask. I can sometimes act immature but I can be a mature person too! I'm sometimes a random person! Don't judge me!

I am obsessed with READING! Books, mangas,anime, anything! Whenever my mom will buy me a new book, I can more or less finish reading it in 1-2 days since I'm very engrossed to it! HEHEHE.

I usually suck at sports but I sometimes play basketball with my best friends.

I enjoy spending quality time together with my best friends and tend to get emotional when one of my friends transfer to one school or country. I'm usually protective over them. HEHEHE. That's what friend's are for, right?

Well... I'm currently a freshman in high school (since I'm 13 years old) at my dream school! (but I'm not telling u what's the name of the school though :P)

Weelll, I guess that's all for now!

Fill me with your purple.y goodness! :D

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