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Dont you guys just love how sporadical I am :D


Geeasaurus: http:///

Geeasaurus is my bestest friend in the whole wide freakin world! :T and she also made Seth, Hunter, Kevin, Damian, Evan and also alot of other characters in Closer to Death Than You Think and I love her to bunches :3 she's a really good artist, so fingers crossed that she'll draw all of my characters because I'm way too bust to make a deviantart account right now :P


Layton Klyde- Age 16: Layton was born into a rich family and was expected to take up the business (being the only child and all). He grew up as a happy child that lived a life of luxury, and got anything he wanted. At age 9 though, Layton was kidnapped. He was tortured and nearly blinded in his left eye, his eyes also turned red from permanent bloodshot. Once he returned home, Layton's personality changed into somewhat more of a twisted character. He only got enjoyment out of torturing people, and hired young maids just so he could get fun out of hurting them. Only due to his red eyes, Layton's parents grew somewhat scared of him and did whatever he wanted them to do. Some characteristics of Layton remained though. He still smiled most of the time but his eyes were almost always closed. He was also still quite gentlemen-like, and a bit of a flirt. He was still dense and treated his enemies just like his friends. He soon joined an assans league when he was 11 (without his parents' permission), in hope of finding his kidnappers.

Keith Dia- Age 15: Keith was abandoned as a child by his parents because he had killing tendances like his great grandfather Jack the Ripper. The killing started after his older sister was kidnapped and found dead 2 months later. He was sent to an insane assilum but somehow managed to escape to a hidden ninja village by the age of 8. He trained there for years as the leaders son almost. He was sent of tons of mission at this young age since his stoic nature was not affected (but strengthened) by killing people. Soon he got tired of being trained by his leader and started attacking him in his sleep, though he still lost every battle. Because of his silent anger, Keith decided to try and massacre the village and actually succeeded in killing about half of it until the leader stopped him. He was praised by the remainder of the village for his great feat, but his leader concluded that he was too unstable and sent him to an underground assans league when he was 10. This was the place where he met Layton, the boy who started the same day as him.

Erin Oak- Age 13: Erin was a basically normal girl though she is from an ancient and powerful Japanese clan. She is a sweet and kind girl who will go out of her way to help anyone and is very popular in her city. Unfortunately, at night a dark side of her comes out and she is forced by herself to kill countless people. No one knows of this side of her except for the people of the underground world. She is thought to be very valuable as an ally, though very dangerous as well. 5 years into killing, Keith and Layton get a mission to either kill her, or make her one of them.

Alex Verde- Age 13: Being only 13, Alex is already the leader of an assans league and one of the most influencial people in the underground world (this was his parents' job until they died in a car accident). He is mostly a quiet person though he doesn't like childs play or any sort of goofing around whatsoever. He is much more mature than any child his age and has grown up quickly due to all of the problems in his life: His older brother has been missing for years, and he has no contact with the rest of his family, on top of his parents dying. Erin is one of his childhood friends and he is very protective of her (even though he knows about her dark side). Alex has developed a sort of crush on her and has somehow kept her from knowing anything about the underground economy.

Akemi Berlitz- Age 15: Akemi is a prim and proper rich girl from France. She is sort of stuck up and somewhat depressed. Akemi was born into a rich and renound family, though she hates he parents emensily. She tells people she is an only child, but the truth is she has a dead older brother who died when he was 17 and she was 5. Akemi is one of the most popular girls in her grade and makes the best grades. She is seen to be perfect by everyone but her best friends can easily name her flaws. Keith and Layton's first mission was to kill her since she was very high up on the aristocratic list. In the end, Keith made sure that they didn't go through with this mission since he got a crush on her.

Anthony Orleans- Age 14: Anthony is a very sweet and innocent boy. He doesn't know that Akemi has a crush on him, partly because he is dense. Anthony is a very charming guy and is like a little brother to a lot of people he knows. One of the bad things about him is that he is painfully honest an can sometimes hurt people unintentionally. He is the prince of France and thinks he is not fit for the job, so he has joined an assans league so that he can grow a tough exterior. His mother was a maid servant to the queen and had an affair with the king. She got pregnant with Anthony and the queen got jealous, so 3 years after the birth, she killed Anthony's mother. Anthony has never told anyone.

Aurthur Windsor- Age 16: Arthur is very competitive and get jealous very easily. He is Akemi's fiance and doesn't like to see her with any other boys except for Anthony since they are childhood friends. Though he seems tough on the outside, Arthur worries about other people constantly and will sacrifice himself for other people's safety. He is like a big brother in his group of friends. In addition to this, Arthur is one of the three princes of England and a big part of the English underground. When he came to Japan to visit Akemi, he was targeted so Keith got the job of looking over him. Instead of leaving when he was suppose to though, Arthur decided he would stay there. Giving the unlucky boy the job of permanently looking over him.

Lysander South- Age 16: Lysander, or Sander is the hyper outgoing boy that everyone loves! Except, he's not human. Being born the son of the Grim Reaper, after his studies he was sent to Earth to do some field training. In order to blend in, he has to start high school in Kyoto, Japan while he works. Instead of killing people like a grim reaper should though, he decides that he should save people for his field training. He has an older brother that he resents and is very competitive with. Despite his outgoing exterior, Sander is actually very self conscious and is afraid of losing the people he cares about. Because of this, he is very protective and sometimes fatherly.

Ciana Edge- Age 15: Ciana is a very determined and straightforward person. She is very beautiful and appears to be elegant at school but that's only because she doesn't talk to anyone. She doesn't trust men and has never gotten along with women so she has never had any friends, until she met Sander at least. After she meets Sander she begins showing her true personality which is very stubborn and untrue to herself. She also has an abusive and broken family but she somehow hides it from everyone. She has a younger sister who is dieing in the hospital and spends most of her time studying which is a coping mechanism for her.

Ethan South- Age 19: Ethan is Sander's older brother and Sander basically lives in his shadow. Ethan holds the record for finishing his studies at age 6 while Sander started at that age. He has also finished his on Earth studies so he wanders around Earth aimlessly and secretly watches Sander preform his studies. His goal is actually to make sure that Sander doesn't beat him at anything and is literally there to make his life miserable. The reason he resents Sander is because he was looked over as choice for the next grim reaper despite being born before him.

Avia Edge- Age 12: Avia is Ciana's younger sister and despite being told she would die soon, she is very strong. Since she cannot leave the hospital, she does any school work there and is learning to play the piano. Despite her age, she is very mature and is somehow a mother figure to Ciana, giving her advice and encouraging her to do her best. She becomes close to Sander and begins acting like a mother to him as well. She rarely frowns, believing that the rest of her life shouldn't be spent unhappy.

Aurore Paump- Age 14: Aurore is Alex's French cousin who loves to mess with him and pull pranks on him. She is a pop/rock singer, but struggles with rumors and her 'reputation' of being a player. In order to escape this, she decides on her own to live with Alex in Tokyo. Despite her teasing attitude towards him, Aurore actually cares deeply for Alex, and goes to great lengths to protect him. She is touchy with the subject of Alex's parents' death, and like Erin, does not quite know what Alex's real job is. Her rise in fame forced her to leave her family in Paris, and move to Couples in order to heal them of the shame tabloids gave them. Her personality is somewhat happy go lucky, she hides her problems from everyone around her. In addition, she looks a lot like Alex (with the exception that her mole is on the opposite side of his, and her hair is obviously longer). After her older brother committed suicide and left a note saying it was because of Aurore's fame, her parents disowned her, leaving her by herself.

Steal Oak- Age 21: Steal is Erin's real older brother. He doesn't talk much and shows almost no emotion except when any boy that he doesn't know yet gets near Erin. Steal was thought to be dead, but actually decided to disappear one day and travel the world as he pleased. He is expected to take over his families wine business but hates alcohol. Steal is famous for his progress in medicine. He is also known for his charm with women and good looks, he has gotten any girl from 13 to 60 to do whatever he asks. Steal finds Vincent fun to be around, only because he can get him to do anything he wants (though he doesn't know why he listens to him). Another fact about him is that he is self conscious of his left eye being green and his right eye being blue.

Vincent Verde- Age 19: Vincent is Alex's irresponsible and carefree brother (the exact opposite of him). His hobbies include not listening to people, doing whatever he wants, tormenting his students into thinking they are in trouble, and watching Erin and Alex's progress. He somehow became the principle of and elite academy, which Alex believes only happened because he was the son of an elite and rich man. Alex resents him, and is frustrated at his talent in academics when he doesn't even care about school. Vincent is clearly obsessed with Erin and her cuteness, and has stolen her away on many occasions. Vincent looks up to Steal and will only listen to what he says.

Leah South- Age 22: Sander's proper, perfectionist older sister who acts like somewhat of a mother to her younger brothers, and other childhood friends. She acts on an impulse a lot of the time, and can have minor temper problems, when she is bothered in anyway. She studies as a doctor on Earth, but is still very close to her family and visits them often. Sander is very close to her, which forces him to come to her anytime he has any sort of problem. Out of all her childhood friends though, she is closest to Damian, the first born son of the devil and has a bit of a crush on him. She is also very close to her mother, looking almost identical to her, and acting very similar (with the exception of her anger issues).

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