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always-robin on, LGBTQAI supporter, bright colours, stardust, tumblr fanatic. I like to write about vengeful princesses, reluctant heroines, lustful queens, tragic and doomed romances, scheming thieves and courageous assassins.

I've gone through various stages in my life, and as a result of that, my tastes and writing has changed. I am very much into high-fantasy these days, though that could change. I've written more for this genre than any other. It's in scattered notes from the google keep account, a writing notebook and a separate exercise book that I write refined pieces of stories and ideas in.

my stories tend to have an element of the exotic; most of the inspiration from my stories nowadays comes from the middle-east. that is to say, I was intrigued by GRRM's Dorne and I decided that I should create a middle-eastern, moorish Spain type world to play in. a lot of my ventures in the realm of high fantasy have not been published yet on the internet, as most of it is word-building and word-vomit. I do have snippets up on my tumblr

there is the court of the young falcon, the assassin and the princess and polarities. I have many ideas and no idea of what to do with them.

well-written political fantasies make me squee. If you want a recommendation for a book that is exactly that, then look no further than C.S. Pacat's Captive Prince trilogy. the third book is out soon.

Stories In Progress

Pardon Moi?

I just may have fallen in lust with my younger sister’s best friend’s boyfriend. Gadzooks. ‘I don’t mind my men a little on the bent side.’ A crazy tale of misguided love, lust, lies, and (gay) men behaving badly.

Preview posted!

Upcoming Story

Face Value

‘Take this advice at face value: RUN as fast you can. In the opposite direction would help.’

The (Mis)Adventures of James LeFay and the Fae Folk

A lonely mortal boy finds himself trapped in a web of magic, Fae and cruelty as he ventures into the Realm of Sidhe, unable to turn back or look forward... and right when the King of the Dark Court was about to be chosen. Bugger.

'I’m a sitting duck- if Lillian doesn't turn me into one first for getting myself into this kind of situation that is, apparently, typical of me. Since when is inciting the desire (and ire) of resident Dark-Kings-to-be a regular hobby of mine? Oh boy, won't Aliane be pissed. I never said my life was normal, did I?'

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Pardon My French
I just may have fallen in lust with my younger sister's best friend's boyfriend. Gadzooks. 'I don't mind my men a little on the bent side.' A crazy tale of misguided love, lust, lies, and men behaving badly. SLASH
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