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Hi everyone! It's xoLuckyxoCharmxo! I'm here to read, not write. I do write, I just don't care enough to post what I write. And I don't really care about anyone else's opinion on my writing either. I write for myself, not for other people.

Rules I live by:

1.) I'm easily annoyed, but that doesn't mean I'm easily insulted. There's a difference.

2.) It takes an army to seriously insult me. Swear at me all you want, threaten to kill my family members that are still alive, threaten to hunt me down and beat me up/slit my throat/strangle me/kill me/gouge my eyes out/bitch-slap the spit out of me/shove your foot up my ass/stab me with toothpicks/just stare at me if you're ugly and don't mind admitting it/head-butt me/etc. The threats I get actually crack me up. My all-time favorite had to be one I got from a troll on fanfiction.net who told me her Chihuahua was going to rip my small intestine out and stomp on my face until I couldn't breathe. I laughed until I cried reading that one. XD

3.) If you insult the crap out of me and then apologize at the same time...yeah. That doesn't sit well with me. (i.e. "GO TO HELL BITCH I HATE YOU DIE DIE DIE!! ...But I'm sorry for hurting your feelings! D:") I hate hypocrites. They're the worst kinds of people. I'm a forgiving person most of the time, but don't even come near me if you're a horrible hypocrite. It's a different story if we fight and you apologize later, but don't you dare do it in one sitting.

4.) I live in an area where you're on your own all the time, so being a hard-ass-jerk-heartless-nasty-bitch is necessary if you don't want to get eaten alive. Don't be surprised if, even if I like you, I'm not going to act like your bestie.

5.) I'm not trying to sound snobby or anything, but I am grammatically gifted. That being said, why do you think I hate trolls that type like morons so much? That's right! Because I know they're doing it on purpose and it annoys me.

6.) If you do something to me, I will do it right back to you. (i.e. You block me, I'll block you. You turn your PM off, I'll turn my PM off. Life's a two-way street.)

7.) If I'm in a good mood and I leave you some nice constructive criticism, don't PM me back bitching at me for it, because then Bitchzilla will come after you. Don't blame me bacause you suck at writing. Blame yourself for egging me on.

8.) Hugs not drugs.

9.) It's better to be fat and happy than skinny and miserable. I'm in between; normal weight and content with life.

10.) DON'T. BE. A. F!CKING. TROLL. OR. I. WILL. FIND. YOU. AND. FLAME. THE. CRAP. OUT. OF. YOU!! Got it? ...If you're a troll, probably not.

11.) Let your friends fight their own battles. Getting involved in a fight your friend is in will only piss everyone off and it will make little kids around the world cry.

12.) There's a difference between trying to fight someone's battle for them and just commenting on something they said.

13.) Making a true friend on fictionpress is like eating a peanut butter and pickle sandwich and truly enjoying it. It can happen...but it doesn't happen very often.

14.) Don't try to change something if it isn't possible. The sky is blue and the grass is green; get the hell over it!

Oh, and P.S. - If I don't like you, I won't read your PMs or review replies. Half the time it's because I forget my e-mail exists, and the other half of the time it's because I don't feel like fighting with people. So if you send me one, don't be surprised if I ignore you.

How to Catch a Killer by AmazingGrace91 reviews
What do you do when you witness your dad's best friend kill someone? I got his attention. And I accidentally got my short-term-memory-loss-prone best friend, my worst enemy's cousin and a short-tempered tattoo artist involved. Now he wants to kill us. Great.
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