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That chick that writes about stuff which makes you people completely and utterly confused.

Babes i back, back again. Many of you are gonna be like 'what? she had no fans anyways', but let me tell ya, i got 40 000 video views on my YouTube (completely unrelated).

Let's just get things straight, if you guys really want to know what i'm talking about, i suggest you visit my DeviantART page because i tend to draw story characters, rather than describe them in a story, nya?

So if you excuses me,i got oranges to eat...

[link] [DeviantART]
[link] [YouTube]

I'm special in many ways and i'm important in many ways. I am equally as important and special as Barack Obama and i'm a dinosaur compared to David Cameron.

Well that basically covers it all, right? Well no, here's the full thing:

Hello and good morning to you too!

Hi, the name's Skizzy, Ski - zzy. I'm totally a normal girl who hop skips and jumps around all the time. I spend time with my loving family and i do not allow violence in my house. I do not swear, i have manners and my room is always tidy. My book cuboard is full of revision books and shakespere, i also read some good old Dan Brown books for a little adventure.

Who am i kidding? Let's rewrite that...

Hi, the name's Skizzy, Ski - zzy. I'm a totally insane girl who likes the smell of blood. I spend most of my life in my room on either my playstation2 or the laptop and i am the only one who can commit violence in my house. I do not swear with my mouth, but i do swear when writing, i was not brought up on manners and so i think i'll keep my shoes on while sleeping. My room is always a complete state, and if you hate anime, one step into my room will kill you. I do not actually have a book cuboard, but i do have a shelf with loads of manga books on it and i like to read some good old Skulduggery books for bloody violence.

How do ya like me now? Eh?

Did you know?

An Ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain?

The coolest thing in the world is...

Hydrochloric sulphate

All my Life Trivia: The Coffee Carrier's big day
It's CC's big day, and not only is it so non-important she can't remember it, but everybody else hates her and won't remind her of it! She doesn't want a party or anything big, and she defiantly doesn't want her tutors 'present'. A little bit of comedy and a little bit of just general life in this one shot.
Fiction: General - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,017 - Published: 2/11/2013 - Complete
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