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Well, since ff.net is taking down all NC-17 fics eventually anyway, then there is no place for me here anymore. I won't stay where authors like me are not wanted and even though I've fics that aren't NC-17 I'm deleting it all just as principle. I wouldn't be representing my full self if I only left up my R and below fics here. Plus, I'd rather delete all of my files then have them taken down and thrown away by others into the garbage, so to speak. So, by Sunday all of my fics will be down.

I'll no longer return to ff.net even to read fiction anymore.

I could be upset with the site's administration which I am to a certain degree, but they feel they are doing what is "best". If it works out for them, fine, if not, I wont' be crying for any of them. But if they continue their course they should change this sights name to Original Works .net

For those fics not finished yet, I apologize, I hope one day I will finish them, maybe I'll start a sight of my own who knows, but as of now I feel like doing absolutely no writing as far as any fandom goes. And the desire to write may never come back.

If any of you want to contact me my e-mail is below.

I'm very sorry we have to suffer for those few who are unable to police themselves and there children and feel the need to blame others when they should be only blaming the person they see in the mirror everyday.