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Author has written 4 stories for Romance, and Fantasy.

News From Me:

8/26/13: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a vote for me in the SKOW awards! It was the icing on the cake of my night yesterday to find out I had won for Best Breakout Author and In Loving Color won runner-up for Best Kiss. Wow, you guys never fail to give me more and more confidence as a writer here. Really, you're just awesome.

As for actual writing progress, currently I am over half-way done with the next chapter of You'll Remember Me and have begun In Loving Color's next chapter as well. Sorry for the delay in updating, trust and believe I AM working as hard as I can to get both chapters done soon. As usual, I try to make it worth the wait for all of you! ;-)

Link to my website:

Stories by Sable Queenie

Some Things About Me:

I love to write. There's really no other way to put it than that. When I have free time (because I also happen to be a college student with little time for a life), I do it as much as I can. I've actually written lots and lots and lots of things, but have only just now begun to share my work with others. Call it being mildly shy. Maybe one day I'll grow some balls (not really cuz I'm a girl) and send something to a publisher and then get on the New York Times Bestseller list. Maybe. Until then, you guys are my only audience. Don't you feel special?

I love going to the movies (because I have a wonderful boyfriend who pays for me to go to the movies) and my favorite genres are romance, historical, historical romance, thriller, sci-fi, drama, comedy, and action (in that order). Horror's not a favorite of mine. Usually I have to be talked/forced into watching them.

Obviously I love to read. I don't think anyone who writes shouldn't. I started reading classic British literature at a pretty young age, so I developed a love for verbosity. It tends to show up in my writing (though I'm working on being better at that).

Photoshopping, napping, and traveling are also things I like doing.

I don't think I can pin down my favorite genres of music. I literally have found at least one song I like in all of them I can think of. Music rocks.

I'm not a fan of rats, intense heat/cold, any kind of math, broken finger nails, the U.S. Republican/Tea Party, hypocrisy, selfishness, cheese, poverty, racism/discrimination (yes, it's still alive) and the cost of college. Just to name a few.

My Stories:

1. In His Arms She Fell - Classic girl-meets-guy story with a few twists and ups/downs. Read if you like romance with a side order of drama.

2. In Loving Color - NOT a classic girl-meets-guy story. This one deals very heavily in the issues of racism, stereotypes and interracial romance. Check this one out if you like controversial material in what you read.

3. Fairest: This one's for the fantasy lovers. Adventure, magic, angst. What more can you ask for from that genre? (ON INDEFINITE HIATUS)

4. You'll Remember Me - Sequel to In His Arms She Fell. Keith and Lila's story continues with an even bigger order of drama and self-discovery. If you care at all about finding out how things end with these two, you'll want to read this.


So here's the deal with updating. When I first started on Fiction Press, I was an all-star at it. We're talking you guys would only have to wait 1, 2 weeks tops for new chapters. And then it all just sort of went downhill from there. So I'll be honest, if you start reading one of my stories, it could take a while for me to add more to it. NOT because I abandon them, but because I'm detailed, love verbosity and hate posting short chapters just for the sake of posting a chapter. But please know that I'm ALWAYS doing my absolute best to update as soon as I can, k?

Ah, reviews. I love reviews. Especially the ones that show up for my stories. Those make my heart happy. And don't you want to make my heart happy? *bats eyelashes*

I don't have as much time as I'd like to browse through other authors' stories to read, so if you want me to read yours, just let me know via a message or review for one of mine and I'd be more than happy to oblige and review it, since let's be honest, we all want a little praise for our endeavors here, right?

Extra Stuff:

For those that are reading IHASF from the very beginning you'll probably see where I'd initially started using Photobucket albums for character and location pictures of the story. Ignore all that, will you? All that and more's at my website now, so if you're interested in viewing the characters from any of my stories just take a look there. Here it is again:

Hugs and kisses to all you guys,

Sable Queenie

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