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Important Note to my Readers!

I will be putting up all my work on a private site soon so stay tuned!

Thank you to any and all who have taken time to read and review my work.I read and appreciated every opinion (for what it was in some cases).Thanks also if you have ever had me on was truly an honor and a priviledge.

Again...I'm really thankful for all the feedback but I could never mail every single person who reviews.I do read them and love them so,even flames that warm my feet(which explains why I'm cold all the time ,hmm?).


Prince Lotor & Captain Keithhttp:///group/Prince_Lotor_and_Captain_Keith/

Circa:A Fantasy RPG (and soon to be a joint art sharing community) http:///CircaAFantasyRPG

My deviant art account is under the name Meina

Contact Info:

Yahoo Migoto_Tora or Black_Crystal_Exile_Angel

E-mail: [email protected]